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SRNA News Roundup /III/ - January 11, 2018




BANJALUKA - Republika Srpska Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic has said that the statement by the Serbian member of the BiH Presidency, Mladen Ivanic, that “the Srpska authorities should be smart” in order to resolve the issue of participation of the 3rd Infantry Regiment of the BiH Armed Forces in the right manner is in his style having in mind that when an action is needed he is not present, but he is always present when something should be interpreted after the fact.

BANJALUKA - The Republika Srpska Government has issued a Decision on approving the payment of contributions to pension and disability insurance fund for policy holders employed in former state companies, shareholders’ societies in majority ownership of Republika Srpska, and in agricultural cooperatives, who will meet conditions for old-age pension as of December 31 this year.

BANJALUKA - The Republika Srpska Government adopted today a report on the activities of the working groups for European integration in the domain of technical finalization of answers to the Questionnaire of the European Commission.

BANJALUKA - The Republika Srpska Government today adopted a report on a resolution to the housing issue of families of fallen soldiers and military war invalids.

BELGRADE - The President of South Ossetia, Anatoly Bibilov, has said that for the time being, South Ossetia does not have a representative office in Republika Srpska, but that he thinks that it will be opened in the future.

ISTOCNO SARAJEVO - The President of South Ossetia, Anatoly Bibilov, and the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to BiH, Petr Ivantsov, laid wreaths at the monument to Russian diplomat Vitaliy Churkin in Istocno Sarajevo, and this gesture confirmed good relations between the Russian Federation and South Ossetia.

BANJALUKA - The Banjaluka Stock Exchange today auctioned Republika Srpska treasury notes for KM 19.97 million, reports the Stock Exchange.


SARAJEVO - The BiH Council of Ministers adopted today a proposed agreement on a loan between BiH and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development for the project of restructuring the Republika Srpska Railways Company worth 51.3 million Euros.

BANJALUKA - The Alliance of Independent Social Democrats /SNSD/ announced today that Republika Srpska did not impose any holiday to anyone in BiH and that it will never agree that someone else imposes holidays on it as it is entitled by the Constitution to celebrate its holidays.

SARAJEVO - The Chairperson of the SDS Caucus in the BiH House of Representatives, Aleksandra Pandurevic, has said that it is clear that the initiative of Denis Becirovic from the SDP for January 9 to be declared a Republika Srpska Day of Remembrance of victims of war crimes and genocide cannot get the support from Republika Srpska MPs.

SARAJEVO - The director of the BiH Work and Employment Agency, Muamer Bandic, has called on students in BiH to apply for youth work in Germany, since there are much more approved job quotas than applications.


BANJALUKA - Milovan Karakas, of Derventa, who was sentenced to two years and six months in prison by the Bihac Canton Court for a war crime against civilians in Sanski Most in 1992, has told SRNA that he will file a motion for a retrial since he claims that he is innocent and that court proceedings against him were rigged.

SARAJEVO - Almost 40 miners of the Stara Jama Mine in Zenica today staged a three-day hunger strike because of unpaid benefits and inability to retire, and disenfranchised workers of the Zenica Iron Mill jointed them.


BELGRADE - The Serbian Government today accepted a report on the current state of affairs and further activities aimed at repairing the Serbian military cemetery Zeitinlik in Salonika and in Sofia, having in mind that the centenary of the end of WWI will be marked next year.

BELGRADE - Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic has said that a principled struggle for the preservation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty, the continuation of the negotiations with the EU, the development of good neighborly relations, firmer economic ties with the most important countries and military neutrality remain the foreign policy priorities of the country.

BELGRADE - The Chief of Staff of the Serbian Army, Gen. Nebojsa Dikovic, has said that the struggle of Serbian soldiers for Kossovo and Metohija was heroic and honorable and that neither any Serbian officer nor he himself committed or ordered any crime.


MOSCOW - The Russian Ministry of Defense has announced that an investigation is in progress in order to discover which country produced explosive which was used in recent drone attacks on Russian bases in Syria, reported RIA Novosti. /end/sg