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SRNA News Roundup /IV/ - January 11, 2018




ZVORNIK - The High Commercial Court in Banjaluka rejected an appeal filed by the Lithuanian Ukio Bank and confirmed the ruling of the Bijeljina Commercial Court which dismissed the Bank’s KM 155 million lawsuit against the Birac Alumina Plant in bankruptcy.

BIJELJINA - A documentary about the life of youth in Russia and Republika Srpska titled “A Friendship Code,” premiered this evening in the Cultural Center of the Eparchy of Zvornik and Tuzla in Bijeljina.

ZVORNIK - On the occasion of New Year’s and Christmas holidays, the Zvornik Red Cross today distributed gifts to 60 children whose parents are unemployed or are in social need.

ISTOCNO SARAJEVO - Istocno Sarajevo police today arrested a person whose initials are A.N., of Sarajevo, on suspicion of illegal production and distribution of narcotics.


BANJALUKA - BiH Foreign Minister Igor Crnadak has said that a visit by a delegation of South Ossetia to Banjaluka inflicted damage on Republika Srpska and that it represents a devaluation of the status and international position of Srpska.

BELGRADE - Political analyst Dragomir Andjelkovic has told SRNA that a visit by South Ossetia officials to Republika Srpska and establishing economic, cultural and every other cooperation are not a problem.


SARAJEVO - Representatives of the FBiH Government and Collegiums of both Houses of the FBiH Parliament did not reach agreement on holding sessions of both Houses of the FBiH Parliament which would deal with a budget for 2018.


BELGRADE - Former Romanian President Victor Ponta today got Serbian citizenship, Serbian Government representatives told the Blic daily.


SKOPLJE - The Macedonian Parliament adopted today the law on the use of language with 69 votes for, according to which in addition to Macedonian, Albanian language will be in official use in government institutions.


MOSCOW - Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that Moscow does not want the situation in Donbass to turn into a frozen conflict and that he expects the Russian-Ukrainian relations to improve after a solution is found for problems in SE Ukraine. /end/sg