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SRNA News Roundup /II/ - January 21, 2018




ISTOCNO SARAJEVO – The Republika Srpska Minister of the Family, Youth and Sports, Jasmina Davidovic, will meet with the director of the Jahorina Olympic Center, Dejan Ljevnaic, tomorrow on Mount Jahorina.

BANJALUKA – The United Srpska Party is preparing numerous initiatives and amendments and supplements to a number of laws with the aim of raising the standard of living of citizens, party official Neven Stanic said today.


ISTOCNO SARAJEVO – The Head of the EU Delegation to BiH, Lars-Gunnar Wigemark, will visit the BiH Agency for Corruption Prevention and Coordination of the Fight against Corruption tomorrow in Istocno Sarajevo where he will meet with Agency director Hasim Sabotic.


ILIJAS – A worker who was buried with soil this morning in the yard of the Ilijas Iron Mill has died, sources from the Sarajevo Canton Ministry of Internal Affairs have said.


BELGRADE – The Chairman of the Serbian Parliament’s Kossovo Committee, Milovan Drecun, has said that by his visit to Kossovo and Metohija, only a few days after the assassination of the leader of the Civil Initiative “Freedom, Democracy, Justice,” Oliver Ivanovic, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has sent a message to the local Serbs that Serbia supports them.

BELGRADE – The director of the Serbian Government’s Kossovo Office, Marko Djuric, has said that relevant services are closely monitoring the developments in Kossovo and Metohija and that the state is ready to adequately respond to any scenario.

BELGRADE – The brain drain of medical professionals from Serbia to the countries of Western Europe, but also to the Near East, has got the proportions of Biblical exodus, said Zivorad Mrkic, of the New Union of Health Care Professionals in Serbia.

MOKRA GORA – Guests of the International Film and Music Festival Kustendorf had an opportunity to see a premiere of the movie “Directions” directed by Bulgarian film director Stephan Komandarev.

BELGRADE – Visual artist Dejan Atanackovic tomorrow in Belgrade will be presented with NIN’s Award for his novel titled Luzitanija.


BELGRADE – Tomorrow is the 25th anniversary of the aggression of the Croatian Armed Forces against southern parts of the Republic of the Serbian Krajina which was carried out under a code name “Maslenica” and in which 348 Serbs were killed, including 35 women and three children aged up to 12, says the Veritas Documentation Center. /end/sg