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SRNA News Roundup /IV/ - January 21, 2018




BANJALUKA – Delegations of the Republika Srpska Government and the Chinese City of Tianjin spoke today about the establishment of an economic business zone where the cooperation between domestic companies and businessmen from China would be established.

BANJALUKA – The Alliance of Independent Social Democrats /SNSD/ has said that the party is not surprised by assaults by “the pro-Bosniak minister /of foreign affairs/ Igor/ Crnadak against Republika Srpska institutions, but is surprised by enthusiasm of this ‘diplomat’ with which he has inflicted damage on Republika Srpska and its institutions in recent days,” particularly because Republika Srpska Day was marked without any incident and with dignity.

BANJALUKA – The SDS has described as a manipulation the statement by SNDS president Milorad Dodik, who holds officials of the Alliance for Change responsible because there are no Serbs at the helm of the BiH Court and Prosecutor’s Office, because “it was he who gave the green light” to the appointment of Ranko Debavac as the president of the BiH Court, and earlier Meddzida Kreso, and of Gordana Tadic as the Acting Chief Prosecutor.

BANJALUKA – The symphonic orchestra of the Academy of Arts of the Banjaluka University and students’ performing group from the Tianjin University of Technology and Education held a concert this evening in Banjaluka on the occasion of the opening of the Confucius Institute.


MOKRA GORA – A monograph titled “Nature Park Sargan-Mokra Gora,” that was prepared by 22 authors from Serbia, was presented this evening in Mecavnik on Mokra Gora at the International Film and Music Festival Kustendorf.


SALONICA – A Macedonian flag was set on fire today in Salonica in protests against the use of the name of “Macedonia” which is the cause of the dispute between Skoplje and Athens.

SKOPLJE – An EU flag was set on fire today in Skoplje in a protest of Macedonian patriotic associations against the change of the name of Macedonia and the enactment of a law which widened the official use of Albanian. /end/sg