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BELGRADE, January 13 /SRNA/ - There are no paramilitary units in Republika Srpska, which is something the Western intelligence services are aware of, while the placement of such information diminishes the significance of terrorist threats and conceals the return of defeated militants from foreign battlefields to BiH, Dzevad Galijasevic, a counter-terrorism expert, told SRNA.


"Relevant information from the most important places, which are the Ministry of Interior of Republika Srpska and Eufor, knows through Altea Operation that it does not exist," Galijasevic has stated regarding the statement by Dragan Mektic, the security minister in the BiH Council of Ministers, about paramilitary groups in Republika Srpska.

According to him, this is a very dangerous accusation by an irrelevant man, but comes from a relevant position - from the position of the minister of security.

"This is an attempt to draft a terrible indictment against Republika Srpska, which noone believes in. There are far more important mechanisms of intelligence reporting by the Western intelligence services, which know that there are no paramilitary units in Republika Srpska," Galijasevic has said.

Galijasevic has noted that the Republika Srpska Interior Ministry, as the most professional in BiH, would be endangered by the existence of such paramilitary units.

He has said that with this theory, Mektic diminishes the significance of the terrorist threat, concealing the return of defeated militants from foreign battlefields to BiH, and at the same time, hiding the passports related corruption at the highest level that exceeds BAM 25 million.

Galijasevic has pointed out that Mektic "helps returnees from the Syrian battlefield, 150 of them, while only 57 were processed in the court," thus the prosecutor’s office should removed him from the position he holds.

"He calls for conflicts, the war, for the abolition of the constitutional order and sanctioning of Republika Srpska," says Galijasevic, and recalls that the US government, in its annual report on terrorism, has harshly condemned the BiH judiciary, the Counter-Terrorism Team and security agencies for supporting terrorist organisations and militants in Syria in such way.

Galijasevic has emphasized that the "source of the paramilitary unit" is the King Fahd mosque in Sarajevo, where the militants are produced for foreign battlefields, and whose main imam Nezim Halilovic Muderis recently told those who "unconstitutionally mark January 9 that the price of the single BiH can and should be paid with lives, and that there are still surviving members of the army and the Interior Ministry who are ready to offer their lives again."

"Halilovic was the chief imam in Konjic from 1991 to 1996, and at the same time he was the commander of the diversion unit in Konjic and the commander of the 4th Muslim brigade. He is associated with many crimes, including those in Bradina. His hatred is terrifying. He should not be underestimated," said Galijasevic.

He has added that Halilovic’s 's khutba is calling for action, for committing a crime, to instigate the attack.

Galijasevic has noted that Halilovic is imam of Wahhabi and Saudi mosque in the heart of Sarajevo, which is out of both legal and political system of BiH, inaccessible to the constitutional order of BiH.

He has emphasized that the mosque has full legal and territorial immunity in BiH, where local security agencies cannot enter to investigate. "There is ongoing radicalization and warmongering," says Galijasevic.

He has concluded that a key question for the leadership /Rijaset/ of the Islamic Community is how one Imam, as one of the high officials of Rijaset, can work in a foreign mosque? /end/vos