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BELGRADE, January 13 /SRNA/ - The Bosniak side with the centre in Sarajevo and the western structures "stand" behind the theory on paramilitary units in Republika Srpska, Aleksandar Rakovic, a historian of the Institute for Recent History of Serbia, told SRNA.


"This is staged by the people inside, such as Bakir Izetbegovic and his structures, and the West, i.e. all foreign agencies operating in BiH," Rakovic has said.

He has pointed out that it is actually about nonsense and that Republika Srpska has regular police forces that are not paramilitary, thus it is necessary to determine, if possible, who "stands" behind this theory.

"We may not be able to determine exactly in which kitchen this has been cooked, but we know directions from which the wind blow. There are no a lots of options. Neither Serbia, Russia nor Croatia stand behind it, but it will fit in. We know who stands behind it, either Bosniaks or the West or both of them together, “said Rakovic.

Rakovic has stated that those who are creating a theory about paramilitary units, want to harm Republika Srpska, which must defend itself, not alone but together with Serbia.

"We have to do this very carefully in order to find out who the creators are, which is very important. It takes some time if we have not identified then so far, but then, when we find out who they are, we will have to think which course we will take, what strategy and tactic we will use and what the conclusions of the fight against such defamations are," says Rakovic.

Rakovic has stressed that there should be no illusions that the one who creates this theory has good intentions towards the Serbs in Republik aSrpska or Serbia, but that the planners in the West or in the Federation of BiH must understand that this is one nation who will take each other’s side.

He has recalled that at the end of last year, Izetbegovic gave inflammatory statements that he was ready for a military conflict with both the Serbs and the Croats, and that it is his way to justify his warmongering.

Rakovic believes that such titles and reports will appear in crucial moments, one of them is the celebration of the Republika Srpska Day, in order to again blame Serbs and Russians, and that the real event planner in fact attempts to blame the one who can become a victim.

He has said it comes from a kitchen that might be preparing the arrival of a very unpleasant man for the US ambassador to BiH, Brian Hoyt Yee.

Rakovic says that the Montenegrin Serbs told him that Hoyt Yee, who was a political officer in the US Consulate in Podgorica, foster hatred towards the Serbs, which can be compared only with the hatred that, as he said, Jure Frantic and other Ustasha oppressors had.

He has recalled that Hoyt Yee began his political career at Javier Solana's cabinet in 1998 and 1999, when he was the head of the NATO at the time when the scenario for bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was made.

"He is formatted as a man who has great intolerance towards the Serbs and considers them an enemy," Rakovic has concluded. /end/vos