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SRNA News Roundup /I/ - February 12, 2018




BANJALUKA - The National Assembly of Republika Srpska resumed its session on Monday with a discussion of the bill to terminate the Law on Fees for the Usage of Natural Resources for Electricity Generation on an urgent basis. The bill was submitted to the parliament in order to regulate concession fees in energy industry in a uniform manner for all business entities.

BANJALUKA - President Milorad Dodik sent a condolence telegram to Russian President Vladimir Putin over a plane crash near Moscow in which 65 passengers and six crew died.

BANJALUKA - Minister of Labour and Protection of Veterans and Disabled Persons Milenko Savanovic says the Srpska authorities are committed to reducing the volume of grey economy and increasing salaries and pensions on the basis of economic growth.

BANJALUKA - The Serbian Consulate General in Banjaluka will host a reception on Tuesday to mark the Serbian Statehood Day, the church holiday of Presentation of the Lord, 15 February.

BANJALUKA - The Banjaluka Cultural Centre Banski Dvor pursues its new concept this year, it has planned an art and jazz music festival which will last several days, says head of the institution Mladen Matovic.

SAMAC - The plants planted in the autumn season in Samac are in a satisfactory condition, say experts.

BANJALUKA - Sberbanka Banjaluka has been presented with the Customers’ Friend award on the basis of the strictly defined criteria of the ICERTIAS Customers' Friend certification which the bank met in a survey conducted in the local market.

MODRICA - A humanitarian futsal tournament in Modrica managed to raise BAM5,365 for medical treatment of 15-year-old Nina Bliznjakovic from Doboj and one-year-old Aleksandar Gajic from Zvornik.


BANJALUKA - The outgoing Serbian Ambassador to BiH Stanimir Vukicevic says it is Serbia’s stance that there can only be one Dayton Peace Agreement and that any change to the treaty or the constitutional and legal structure of BiH would require a definitive agreement from the three constituent peoples.

SARAJEVO - The Dutch Embassy building in Sarajevo has been evacuated after its workers received a tip off about a bomb threat on Monday, reports the Klix.ba website.


DRVAR - Eighty-three-year old Jovanka Kecman, a Serb returnee in Drvar, built a new house on the foundations of her old, burnt one in 1999 and since then she “is happy again” because she was among the first post-war returnees in the place where she was born and where, she says, she belongs.

SARAJEVO - A brawl between inmates of the Zenica prison broke out over a BAM100 debt where one of the prisoners sustained five wounds inflicted with an object made of a floor mop handle, prison director Redzo Kahric confirmed on Monday.


BELGRADE - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic spoke with Austrian Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache about the bilateral relations and economic cooperation on Monday.

BELGRADE - Political scientist Aleksandar Stojanovic says he would not be surprised if certain EU members retracted their recognition of Kosovo and points out that the bloc, faced with Brexit, migrants, terrorist attacks and a host of other problems, is actually putting up a fierce struggle to maintain and safeguard what it has created over the past 50 years.


ZAGREB - The airplane carrying the Serbian delegation headed by President Aleksandar Vucic has landed at the Zagreb airport, Croatian media reported on Monday morning.

NEW YORK/ZAGREB - The new Croatian consul in New York Boris Blazekovic is famous for insulting US President Donald Trump, Republika Srpska, as well as his Croatian colleagues.


MOSCOW - Rescue workers have found one flight data recorder at the site of the crash of an An-148 jet in the Moscow area, according to Sergei Poletykin, head of the Moscow Region Department of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. /end/ds