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SRNA News Roundup /IV/ - February 13, 2018




BANJALUKA - President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik stated Tuesday in Banjaluka that Serbia is the most important country in the region for stabilisation and peace.

BANJALUKA - President Milorad Dodik says the permanent war-mongering rhetoric by Ramiz Salkic, which is full of lies and misinformation, aims to raise tensions in Republika Srpska and as such cannot and will not succeed here.

BANJALUKA - President Milorad Dodik on Tuesday ordered that a decision be made to cut the salary of Srpska Vice-President Ramiz Salkic by 20 per cent, the presidential office said in a press release.


SARAJEVO - Radovan Kovacevic, a member of the Main Board of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats /SNSD/, says the relationship between the Sers and Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina can and should be used as a model for a rational restart of overall Serbo-Croat relations as well as the relations between Serbia and Croatia as the motherlands of all Serbs and Croats.


DRVAR - The Serbs in the Federation of BiH are in a very difficult position and need help to achieve better rights, said Mile Marceta, a delegate in the House of Peoples of the Entity parliament.


ZAGREB - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic told the great assembly of the Serbian National Council /SNV/ in Zagreb that the region rests on the peace between the Serbian and Croatian people and that there is no greater interest than that.

BELGRADE - The Russian Federation is a reliable partner and long-time friend and at the same time one of the most significant economic partners of Serbia, Prime Minister Ana Brnabic stated during talks with Russian Minister of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin.

ORAHOVAC - The memorial plaque installed in memory of the abducted Radio Pristina journalists Djuro Slavuj and Ranko Perenic outside Orahovac in Kosovo and Metohija has been toppled and taken away for the sixth time in a row, said the Serbian Journalists’ Association, which has been putting up the plaque since 2012 at the site where the Serbian reporters were last seen.

PRISTINA - The Kosovo Police Service /KPS/ reported they have obtained information that Betim Ibrahimaj who had previously been charged with terrorist activities in Kosovo has been killed in Syria.


VIENNA - European Council President Donald Tusk has announced strengthening of relations between the EU and the Western Balkan countries, as well as of the relations among the regional countries themselves. /end/ds