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SRNA News Roundup /II/ - March 12, 2018




VISEGRAD - Minister of Spatial Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology Srebrenka Golic stated after talks with mayor of Visegrad Mladen Djurevic that the Government of Republika Srpska will allocate one million marks for various projects in the local community this year.

BANJALUKA - Assistant Minister of Youth Branka Malesevic stressed the importance of volunteering in youth as well as at an elderly age when a person can contribute to the community with their skills and experience.

BANJALUKA - Nedeljko Mitrovic, head of the Association of Families of the Captured, Fallen Veterans and Missing Civilians of Republika Srpska, believes that the exoduses of the Serbs from Sarajevo and from Croatia, which resulted in ethnic cleansing and war crimes against Serbs, were identical.

BANJALUKA - Around 150 cadets of the 19th class of the Police Academy of the Srpska Interior Ministry are going to take part in a three-day blood donation campaign in Banjaluka to mark April 4, the Srpska Police Day.

BANJALUKA - The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Republika Srpska has moved for the detention of Mustafa Hasanbasic from Tesanj, who is suspected of killing a police officer in Doboj and running away to Maglaj, where he was arrested.

KOSTAJNICA - Major of Kostajnica Drago Bundalo said the Una river level on Monday at noon was 422 cm and warned that it will be dangerous if it reaches 440 cm because the water would then cut off the main road Kostajnica-Kozarska Dubica and enter the buildings in the Ranka Sipke Street in lower parts of the town.

KOSTAJNICA - Due to elevated levels of the River Una in Kostajnica and a likely flooding of residential buildings, the local authorities ordered all Civil Defence units, public institutions, enterprises and administrative bodies to be on alert, in accordance with the civil defence plan, municipality administration spokesperson Aleksandar Pasic told Srna.

SARAJEVO - Grant agreements whereby the Japanese Government is donating EUR143,649 for the replacement of woodwork in the elementary schools Knez Ivo od Semberije in Bijeljina and Sveti Sava in Rogatica were signed in Sarajevo on Monday.

TREBINJE - Reconstruction of the church of St Elijah the Prophet in Mesari, one of the oldest churches in Herzegovina, has been launched with the blessing of Bishop Grigorije of Zahum-Herzegovina and the Littoral.

BIJELJINA - Divers of diving clubs from Bijeljina, Brcko, Samac, Lukavac, Modrica and Tuzla will stage a demo exercise on either the penultimate or last weekend in March to check the level of skill, capacity, fitness and mobilisation of equipment and members of the clubs.


SARAJEVO - It is important to encourage better cooperation between BiH and Macedonia in integration processes and accession to the EU through the South-East European Cooperation Process /SEECP/ and Regional Cooperation Council, BiH Council of Ministers Chair Denis Zvizdic stated Monday in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia.

SARAJEVO - The month of March in 1996 marked a definitive end of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the minds and souls of most Serbs - if there was any intention to build a multi-ethnic community - the exodus of Sarajevo Serbs paved the way for Republika Srpska as the only remaining safe haven. Commentary by Nenad Tadic

SARAJEVO - The people and citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially of Republika Srpska, have not seen any benefit from the Council of Ministers and SDA’s Denis Zvizdic at its helm over the past three years, says Stasa Kosarac, chair of the SNSD caucus in the BiH House of Representatives.

SARAJEVO - Milan Tegeltija, president of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council /HJPC/ of BiH, did not want to comment on a statement by Minister of Security Dragan Mektic that HJPC vice-president Ruzica Jukic “should be kicked out of the judiciary because she used war-mongering rhetoric” and noted that one should wait for the outcome of the relevant civil proceeding.

SARAJEVO - The BiH Court has started the criminal proceedings against Alminko Islamovic for a war crime committed against Serb civilians in Brod in 1992.


BELGRADE - Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic thanked the representatives of the Chinese Zijin Mining Group Company who expressed an interest in a strategic partnership in the Mining and Smelting Combine Bor and said they are welcome in a tender the government plans to announce in the first half of 2018.

BELGRADE - The value of exports of 15 top exporters in Serbia in the first two months of this year was EUR707.4 million, and the greatest profit was made by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Serbia in the amount of BAM140.5 million, the Ministry of Finance reported on Monday.

BELGRADE - Three new sites have been discovered in the area of Pancevo and Bavaniste with more than 100 tonnes of hazardous waste, the Serbian Ministry of Environmental Protection said on Monday.

BELGRADE - Customs authorities seized EUR115,000 from a Turkish woman who was hiding the money in her underwear at the Gradina crossing near the border with Bulgaria, the Serbian Customs Administration said on Monday.


ZAGREB - Authorities in Hrvatska Kostajnici have declared extraordinary flood defence measures as the Una flooded the road between Kostajnica and Dvor in Kuljani. /end/ds