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BANJALUKA, March 13 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic told SRNA that no Srpska institutions have dealt with Srpska independence issue so far, but it is important that the insttutios keep insisting on restoring seized competencies and seeking ways how to do it.


"Each political party formulates its political goals and has its own perception of how it can be done, but the materialization occurs only when such an issues is on the agenda of the institutions, while none of the institutions has dealt with independence related issue so far, nor dealing with such issue is planned," Cvijanovic has stated when answered the question how to comment on the fact that the media again brought the issue on the SNSD platform about possible independence referendum unless the competences are restored.

The Srpska prime minister believes that it is also important that the referendum issue is regulated by law and that Republika Srpska citizens are fully aware of their right to exercise this democratic right.

"This is supported by Republika Srpska Day Referendum, which was successfully conducted despite all the threats, obstructions and even direct undermining by the opposition," Cvijanovic has stressed. /end/vos