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BANJALUKA, April 14 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has stressed that Republika Srpska and its institutions do not have a problem with the US or its citizens, but there is a lot to talk about the biased and undiplomatic behavior of Maureen Cormack, the US ambassador to BiH.


When asked by SRNA to comment on Cormack's statement that the president of Srpska should have supported the Dayton Agreement and the territorial integrity and sovereignty of BiH, which did not happen, Dodik has asked: "Is not it ridiculous that Cormack is the one who calls on anyone to respect the Dayton Peace Agreement, maintain sovereignty and integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as she failed to read trough the Agreement, working to destroy the sovereignty and integrity of BiH on a daily basis. "

He has emphasized that in Dayton, BiH was given a guarantee for external sovereignty, but its internal sovereignty was seized and is held by ambassadors such as Maureen Cormack.

"There are hundreds of examples for such a statement, but the latest one about the election law is the most obvious. The US ambassador publicly speaks about her participation in reaching an agreement on amendments to the election law, and if such interference in BiH's internal affairs is not a deprivation of sovereignty and integrity from one country, I do not know what it is then "said the president of Srpska.

Dodik has assessed that Cormack’s partial assessments of his respect for the Dayton Peace Accord, the sovereignty and integrity of BiH are so untrue, especially if such claims come without any specific concrete evidence.

"Cormack’s term of office in BiH began with prejudices and personal attitude towards both me and Republika Srpska and it is obvious that she will leave BiH with the same belief," Dodik has said.

Cormack told N1 TV last night that the US Embassy and other European officials are working with all relevant parties in BiH to get them together and find solutions to amend the election law, and the US Embassy is seeking partners throughout BiH, but it is not Republika Srpska President, Milorad Dodik. /end/vos