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SRNA News Roundup /I/ April 15, 2018




KOZARSKA DUBICA - The central event marking the Remembrance Day for the victims of Ustasha crime - genocide in the Jasenovac death camp and its biggest execution site Donja Gradina has begun with memorial service being held in the Church of Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in Kozarska Dubica this morning.

BANJALUKA - Members of the Republika Srpska Interiro Ministry’s Administration for Countering Organised and Serious Crime have seized a kilogram of pure cocaine in Banjaluka area today, the Ministry confirmed to SRNA.


SARAJEVO - Minister of Finance and Treasury in the BiH Council of Ministers, Vjekoslav Bevanda, told SRNA that this mandate is marked by political turbulences and an unstable parliamentary majority, and that the political tensions will be raised as the election date is getting closer.


BELGRADE - Serbian Justice Minister Nela Kuburovic has stated she is not sure that the Special War Crimes Court for KLA war crimes will be operational, which the EU is insisting on, as filing indictments is being announced for some time, but nothing is happening.

BELGRADE - Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic has stated he can guarantee that the number of countries that have recognised the self-proclaimed Kosovo will fall below a hundred.

BELGRADE - Russian Ambassador to Serbia, Alexander Chepurin, has compared the air attack on Syria with the bombing of the FR of Yugoslavia in 1999, pointing out that there are obvious parallels between these two aggressions.


PODGORICA - The presidential elections are being held today in Montenegro, the seventh time since the introduction of the multiparty system in 1990.

PODGORICA - According to a report of the Montenegrin Ministry of Interior, there were 37 criminal offenses committed by using explosive ordnance were registered in Montenegro last year, while the arson was recorded in as many as 119 cases, which is less than in 2016,.

PODGORICA - Cocaine, which is smuggled from South America to Western Europe, is passing through the Montenegrin and Croatian ports, and part of the smuggling operation is led by Skaljari and Kavaci mob clans, said member of the International Association of Police Chiefs, Marko Nicovic. /end/vos