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DONJA GRADINA, April 15 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has said that the Jasenovac concentration camp was a project of the Independent State of Croatia /NDH/, which noone was held responsible for and has not yet got its official categorization as a genocide against Serbs, Jews and Roma people.


"This is the place that leads a human being to keep silent, because there is nothing to say. I know now that we have to spread a word about this place to prevent it from being forgotten and taken to some dark places of history, as well as to prevent this terrible pain and yarm that only tree crowns and the sky above us could hear, from being repeated," Dodik has said at a commemoration in Donja Gradina.

In his address to the commemoration attendees, Dodik has said that the dominant feeling about the Jasenivac death camp that he has been carrying since his childhood is the fear of the Ustashas and NDH, as a terrible project of systematic killing of one nation was being carried out in that state.

"This spiral of crime sites - from Pag, Jadovno, through Jasenovac, Gradiska, to Sajmiste, Kragujevac, and again towards Brod, Prebilovci, Hercegovina pits, resulted in over a million Serb victims in the World War II," Dodik has recalled.

He has added that in that war, Serbs, weakened in the previous war, were being killed wherever it was possible, without any reason or cause.

"They were killing us without knowing what for, but they enjoyed it, because they have never got tired, they have never stopped or ceased, or heard the yarm, the cry of a mother and a child. They have never had compassion and thought about their own," said Dodik.

He has recalled that only a small group of 1,100 survivors of the Jasenovac death camp broke out on April 22, 1945, at the moment when the world had already seen and knew that the Second World War was nearing its end.

"They started to break out the death camp in order to be living witnesses of what was going on and to go on with their lives," Dodik has added.

He has reminded that there was no a male Serb draftee in the Kozarska Dubica municipality for 20 years after the WWII as they were all killed in a children's camp, where 35,000 children of Kozara were either killed or went missing.

Dodik has said that he often wondered how it was possible that a group of Ustashas killed so many people in Donja Gradina, and that noone resisted?

"I have recently realized that the Serbs suffered over two terrible things in their history - fear and illusion. The fear of that monstrous place, the camp they entered end encountered corpses, cut off the power for any resistance. It was a paralyzing fear as you arrived in a place from where you will not return," Dodik has said.

He has stressed that history recorded that a special weapon was made for killing the Serbs “Srbosjek/Serb cutter-literary” by the Croats and Ustashas to slaughter Serbs and take their eyes out as quickly as possible.

"`Srbosjek` is a weapon for extermination of one nation, to make it disappear. A communist Yugoslavia was Serbs’ illusion," Dodik has said.

He has assessed that the strength of the Serb national state was disintegrated in Yugoslavia, while the ideas of that time and illusion again led to the suffering of the Serbs.

"Serbs accepted Yugoslavia as a country they liberated, giving the freedom to other peoples, sharing it with them, but at the end of the age of suffering, they are the ones to blame for the breakup of the country, which only they were fighting for, created and defended it," added Dodik.

He has said in Donja Gradina that this illusion must disappear and that a responsible Serb national and state idea must be built to imply awareness that if the Serbs had their own state here, they would not have suffered in the Second World War.

"They did not have it. Serbs were always killed in the areas where there was no Serb state," Dodik has said, adding that even today, in the event of Ustasha glorification events, he always reacts reflexively based on his age, experience and life, with the desire to fight it, as it was previously destroying his people.

He has added that Republika Srpska was created as a responsibility and expression of the Serbs’ desire for freedom, not to do evil things to other peoples.

"We will not give up on it and the rights given to us by the Dayton Peace Agreement, which is clearly written and we know how to read it. We will not fear or accept the illusions of creating a society under which the former Yugoslavia collapsed," Dodik has said.

Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik has stressed that the Serb people wants peace.

"Today, the most important thing is to call for peace among humans, peoples, countries, peace among us living here so we can rehabilitate as a nation and people to build our families, houses, our Republika Srpska and the state," Dodik has said, adding that it is therefore important to come and attend the places of suffering.

He has reminded that Srpska and Serbia have been marking several important historical dates together in the past few years in both Republika Srpska and Serbia.

"I am grateful to Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, who was an initiator of this idea. It is the only possible answer, because we cannot and should not be dividied." The Serb people is united by its identity, faith, alphabet and language, and we are neither Bosnian, Croatian nor any other Serbs," Dodik has said.

According to him, the Serbs are members of a historical peaceful nation striving for stability and peace.

"By paying tribute to the victims, we would like to commit to life and peace, coexistence and peaceful living in this region. If we cannot live together with those with whom we thought we could, we can then live in peace next to each other. Therefore, from this very place, I call again for peace among us, peoples and nations," Dodik has said in Donja Gradina. /end/vos