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SRNA News Roundup /IV/ - April 25, 2018




BELGRADE - A final judgment in the case of the first Republika Srpska President, Radovan Karadzic, should be rendered by the end of the year, said the president of the Residual Mechanism, Theodor Meron.

ZVORNIK - The Zvornik-Birac Region Committee of the Organization of the Republika Srpska Army Commanding Officers was founded today in Zvornik and Bosko Sargic, of Milici, was elected its president.


SARAJEVO - No progress was made at a meeting dedicated to amendments to the BiH Election Law that was held today between FBiH political party representatives, the US Ambassador to BiH, Maureen Cormack, and the Head of the EU Delegation to BiH, Lars-Gunnar Wigemark.

SARAJEVO - Swift adoption of the new law on the conflict of interest, which is blocked in the Constitutional and Legal Committee of the BiH House of Representatives, would send a clear message that elected representatives of BiH citizens are committed to building a society with equal chances for all, says a press release from the EU Delegation to BiH.

BRCKO - The Brcko District Assembly today again failed to adopt a law on the office for the prevention of and fight against corruption and a law on whistleblowers.

BRCKO - Brcko Mayor Sinisa Milic has said that he does not see any government crisis in the District, but that it is true that there is still the problem of the lack of affirmative votes of Croats in the District Assembly.


OTTAWA - Sixteen journalists were killed in the NATO airstrike on the building of Radio-TV Serbia in Belgrade in April 1999, yet, no strong international condemnation followed as was the case after the attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris in 2015, announced the Canadian Centre for Research on Globalization.

NOVI SAD - The Exit Festival, the leading world magazine on electronic music, British D J Mag, and the most popular digital platform for electronic dance music, Beatport, are launching together a global competition for a performance at the Dance Arena.


BELGRADE - The president of the Alliance of Serbs from the Region, Miodrag Linta, has said that a proposal of Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic to re-assess the truth about what happened in Jasenovac from 1941 until 1945 is the gravest insult to hundreds of thousands of victims murdered in this death factory, their families and the whole Serbian people.

PODGORICA - Montenegro’s Prime Minister Dusko Milanovic spoke today with Binod Chordy, the owner of the CG Corp Global, a conglomerate with more than 100 companies, 76 brands and around 10,000 employees, about conditions for investing in Montenegro. /end/sg