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SRNA News Roundup /III/ - June 12, 2018




BANJALUKA - Republika Srpska Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic has said that it is extremely important that the institutions take into account every individual success of students, because each and every their success is the success of Republika Srpska, too.

BANJALUKA - The Ministry of Interior of Republika Srpska urges citizens to protest about the price of petroleum products in accordance with the relevant legal regulations, otherwise the Ministry of Interior will sanction misdemeanor offenses of parking violation and improper stopping in accordance with the aforementioned regulations.

PELAGICEVO - Minister of Refugees and Displaced Persons of Republika Srpska, Davor Cordas, and Srpska Vice President Josip Jerkovic visited the Pelagicevo Municipality today and discussed with the head of this local community, Simo Stakic, the plans to build another fifteen houses for Croat returnees within the residential Housing project /SAF/.

BANJALUKA - Republika Srpska Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, Petar Djokic, met today in Banjaluka with a delegation from Poland and discussed the possibility of organising tractor production at the site of the Cosmos plant in Banjaluka.

BANJALUKA - At today's meeting in Banjaluka, the Team for coordinating activities of war crimes investigation and tracing missing persons of Republika Srpska unanimously adopted the conclusion that it is not possible to publish the central records on missing persons in BiH /CEN/, since there is not enough data for it, as defined by law and by-laws.

BIJELJINA - During her visit to Bijeljina, German Ambassador to BiH Christina Hohmann together with Bijeljina Mayor Mico Micic handed over a greenhouse for use within the first social enterprise in this area "Agro-Plan".

BANJALUKA - Banjaluka Mayor Igor Radojicic participated in the international conference on the so-called green cities today in Stockholm, which is dedicated to the challenges of ecological planning of modern cities, as well as the development of the accompanying public utility activities.

PRIJEDOR - Mayor of Prijedor Milenko Djakovic congratulated today the Information and Business Centre "Kozarski Vjesnik" on the 49th birthday and wished that this Centre together with the City Administration continue to promote Prijedor and high quality life in it.

BIJELJINA - Leader of the Original SDS, Radomir Lukic, has voiced hope that this party’s candidates will achieve success in the upcoming elections, and that, at the very least, the Original SDS will get a noticeable number of votes.

BANJALUKA - The Alliance for Change fully supports the initiative of the Head of Diaspora and Serbs in the Region of the National Assembly of Serbia, Miodrag Linta, that all Serbs in the Federation of BiH /FBiH/ gather around the common list in the general elections in FBiH without party’s features.

NOVI GRAD - The Prijedorcanka Company from Prijedor plans to expand the cooperative production of industrial strawberries in the Prijedor region and today presented the conditions to the interested parties in Novi Grad.


SARAJEVO - Acting upon the decision of the Appellate Division of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina and after removing the shortcomings in the application, the Central Election Commission /CEC/ of BiH has verified the application of the Serbian Progressive Party at today's session.

SARAJEVO - The Appellate Chamber of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which abolished the acquittal of Naser Oric, concluded in the reasoning that the claim of the Trial Panel that the key witness "O1" was not valid when testifying and establishing the guilt of the accused Oric for murdering Judge Slobodan Ilic, was not true.

SARAJEVO - BiH Border Police Director Zoran Galic and members of the Ministry of Interior of Croatia analyzed the state of the border between two countries at a meeting in Zagreb with a special accent on an increasing number of illegal migrants trying to enter Croatia.

BANJALUKA - There are more than two thousand children in BiH waiting for some type of accommodation and the family is the best form of care for their psychosocial, mental and physical development, said the representative of the Infohaus Foundation, Mirela Suman.


BELGRADE – The Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts /SANU/ today marked the SANU Library Day, dedicated this year to the Serb poet Aleksi Santic /1868-1924/. /end/vos