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BELGRADE, June 13 /SRNA/ - Defence team of General Ratko Mladic has asked the Appeals Chamber of the Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals in The Hague, which will decide on an appeal against the judgment handed down to the general, to disqualify three judges over bias, General's son Darko Mladic confirmed to SRNA.


The five-member Appeals Chamber has been asked to disqualify the presiding judge Theodore Meron and the members of the Chamber, Carmel Agius and Liu Daqun.

Mladic has pointed out that the defence team has submitted three appeals and asked for the exclusion of Meron, Agius and Daqun finding them biased as they took part in handing down judgements which convicted officers of the Republika Srpska Army /VRS/ who were Mladic’s subordinates, over Srebrenica events in July 1995.

He has pointed out that in these judgments, judges Meron, Agius and Daqun voiced their opinion in advance and established Mladic's guilt for Srebrenica events, although it was not Mladic’s trial, making conclusions about his role and responsibility, thus they no longer have the right to do so.

Judge Agius chaired the tribunal's panel that sentenced a group of the VRS officers headed by Vujadin Popovic and Ljubisa Bear, who were sentenced to life in prison for the Srebrenica events.

Judge Meron chaired the Appeals Chamber of the Tribunal, which confirmed the first-instance verdict and life sentence to VRS General Zdravko Tolimir over Srebrenica event.

He also chaired the Appellate Panel which sentenced VRS General Radislav Krstic to 35 years in prison for aiding and abetting war crimes in Srebrenica.

Chinese judge Daqun was the chairman in the process against VRS officer Vidoje Blagojevic, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison for crimes committed in Srebrenica.

In November last year, the Hague Tribunal sentenced former Republika Srpska Army supreme commander Ratko Mladic to life imprisonment.

Mladic's defence attorneys and the Hague prosecution have announced the appeal against the judgment. /end/vos