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SRNA News Roundup /III/ - June 13, 2018




BANJALUKA - President of Republiks Srpska Milorad Dodik qualified today as shameful recent search of an ambulance vehicle amid the protests in Banjaluka due to high fuel prices.

BANJALUKA - Due to inaccurate and tendentious headlines published by certain media regarding the statement by Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik concerning scandalous search of an ambulance vehicle by fuel protesters, the Press Service of the Srpska President has called on the media to correctly and professionally cite the position of the Srpska president that those who search the ambulance vehicle in this way are hooligans.

BANJALUKA - Officials of the Interior Ministry of Republika Srpska will not allow the blockade of the main, regional and local roads, as it impedes the regular traffic flow and the functioning of services such as ER, fire brigade and police, the Ministry has announced.

BANJALUKA - Prices of petroleum products will be lower in Republika Srpska as of tomorrow, while some distributors have already lowered their prices by BAM 0,05 KM per liter, the Ministry of Trade and Tourism has announced.

BILECA - Republika Srpskas Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining, Petar Djokic, said today in Bileca that the Government of Srpska planned to invest BAM 800,000 in the infrastructure of this local community.

OSTRA LUKA - Republika Srpska Minister of Administration and Local Self-Government, Lejla Resic, stated today that the Municipality of Ostra Luka will receive approximately BAM 400,000 to complete three significant projects, under the Srpska Government’s decision to establish a list of priority projects.

BANJALUKA - A complex cardiac surgery has been performed today at the Cardiology Clinique at the University Clinical Centre /UCC/ of Republika Srpska for the first time, which improves the blood flow to the heart, using a very high pressure balloon (50 atm).

BIJELJINA - The Bijeljina Committee on children, the descendants of fallen veterans of the Republika Srpska Army, cleaned and arranged of both the premises and yard of the Cultural Centre in the village of Kriva Bara, announcing the installation of a memorial plaque dedicated to the fallen soldiers of this place.

FOCA/ - A rich programme of the 5th "Nektar OK Fest", which will be held at Tjentiste between July 6 and 8, assures the continuation of the growth trend in the number of visitors will continue this year, the organisers and local government representatives stressed today at the meeting in Foca.


BANJALUKA - Security expert Dzevad Galijasevic has warned that BiH is moving away from Euro integrations and rushing into the abyss of Asian, theocratic regimes, while the alleged "Alliance for Change /SzP/ Serbs" in joint institutions are creating problems for Republika Srpska, serving the SDA leader Bakir Izetbegovic and US Ambassador Maureen Cormack.


BELGRADE - Serbian Minister of Mining and Energy, Aleksandar Antic, stated today that safe supply of all the key energy sources is the common goal of Serbia, Hungary and Bulgaria, which will also ensure the energy security of the region.


ZAGREB - The People Decides Zeljka Markic's Initiative handed over signatures to the Croatian Parliament for a referendum demanding changes in the electoral system of Croatia, i.e. a reduction in the number of MPs, as well as a reduction of rights of national minorities members.


MOSCOW - Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for an extension of economic co-operation with Lebanon, amid concerns over the negative trend of a decline in trade between the two countries at the beginning of this year. /end/vos