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BELGRADE, June 14 /SRNA/ - The Americans want to have all Balkan states under their control through membership in NATO and their next goal, after Macedonia, will be Kosovo, and if Serbia gives in, the issue of Republike Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina’s membership of NATO will be resolved on its own, warns the Belgrade political analyst Dusan Prorokovic.


"Resolving the issue of Kosovo the way the Americans devised it will also resolve Republika Srpska and the Serb issue in Montenegro. So I believe they won’t go around from Banjaluka to Belgrade, and instead exert pressure on Belgrade directly,” asserted Prorokovic.

He made a conclusion that a process shaped by the Western states, primarily the United States, is ongoing in the Balkans and that it is relaxing the relations at the inter-governmental level and enlarges the conflict potential within the countries.

"The agreement /on the name of Macedonia/ reached by the Macedonian and Greek prime ministers Zoran Zaev and Alexis Tsipras has been portrayed as a life-saving solution and welcomed by all Western actors, but we can see that it is completely destabilising Macedonia and a large part of Greece,” said Prorokovic.

According to him, it is absolutely uncertain if the agreement will be applied at all, and if it is, security in Macedonia and Greece will be much more jeopardised than now.

"The only reason why this is done in Macedonia is to join NATO. That’s why there’s so much American pressure to resolve it in any way possible. Therefore, Greece must withdraw its veto to Macedonia’s accession to NATO and the thing must be finished within the next two years. Americans want to have all Balkan states under their factual control through NATO membership. They are not interested in anything else at all,” said Prorokovic.

He submitted: “On this issue, they are breaking Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, exerting pressure and there are obviously certain threats made not through official channels concerning a possible escalation of disagreements in northern Kosovo and Metohija.”

"It is in their interest to end the issue as soon as possible and if Serbia gives in regarding Kosovo, the issue of Republika Srpska and BiH membership will be resolved on its own,” said Prorokovic.

Such a result, noted Prorokovic, "will break Serbia in the moral, mental sense,” and it will become “some kind of a territory with a demotivated and horribly radicalised population which will not be able to resist big challenges in the future.” /end/ds