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BELGRADE, July 11 /SRNA/ - Political analyst Dragomir Andjelkovic told Srna he believes that the announcement of a stronger British presence in the Balkans means that that is how the United Kingdom wants to blackmail Germany and the European Union and draw as much benefit over Brexit as possible.


He asserted that under the circumstances when the UK is leaving the EU and builds its presence in the Balkans, it can only be understood as the UK increasing its capacity to create problems to the EU and the people living in the Balkans in the context of bargaining about Brexit.

In other words, says the analyst, if Germany makes tougher requirements for the UK to exit the EU, the UK may create or try to create chaos in the Balkans, which will then create fire on the gates to the EU.

"That’s how it can put both us and the EU at risk and thus blackmail Germany,” said Andjelkovic, commenting on announced increased UK presence in the Balkans.

He believes that the British action is primarily focusing on having the capacity to blackmail others in order to draw as big and as good Brexit-related concessions as possible.

"I believe that for the British, the Balkans is a bargaining chip with Germans and other significant factors within the EU,” said Andjelkovic.

According to him, while the UK was an EU member, until it made a decision to leave, such increased presence could have been understood in the context of a greater interest for the region’s European integration.

The British Embassy to Bosnia and Herzegovina has reported that British Prime Minister Theresa May presented a package of measures at the Western Balkans Summit in London for the promotion of the Balkans which will help build “a more peaceful, prosperous, democratic Western Balkans” increasing UK funding to the region by 95 per cent, from 41 million to 80 million pounds.

"The number of UK staff working on the security issues affecting the UK and the Balkans will double,” said the Embassy.

The package also extends the Pan Balkans Strategic Reserve Force for another year which is held at readiness in the UK to move into the Western Balkans if the security situation deteriorates or the UK needs to support stability in the region.

"For history shows that a stable and secure Western Balkans region means a more stable and secure Europe. We are leaving the EU next March, but we remain fully committed to improving the prosperity and security of the Western Balkans, and Europe, both now and in the years to come,“ said May. /end/ds