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BELGRADE, July 11 /SRNA/ - President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik submits that, after the Mothers of Srebrenica association gave a list of 22,000 Serbs to a German prosecutor, Germany will start chasing after those people, and that is why they should go back home as soon as possible.


Commenting on a statement by the Mothers of Srebrenica leader Munisa Subasic that she would demand that everyone from the list currently staying in Germany be brought to justice in the Western European country instead of in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dodik said that the German judiciary had no jurisdiction in these parts.

"Those people will now obviously be chased after. What they have to do is to come back home as soon as possible. That’s how the German judiciary will not be able to do anything on those grounds,” Dodik told TV Pink.

As TV Pink reports, Dodik interprets this move with the list as a provocation and manipulation and bullying the people on the list, which Srpska does not recognise, given that the list was created, under pressure, by a commission in charge of researching the events in Srebrenica, which was formed in 2003 by the Srpska Government at the time.

"It was a Government report which was false and untrue. It was done under pressure and imposed by the international community, which they are now using and abusing,” said Dodik.

According to him, the list includes all the people who were members of any units in those parts, even the people who did not have responsibility for anything.

The list that the Mothers of Srebrenica leader submitted to the German prosecutor contains the names of 22,000 Serbs, including even those who had nothing to do with the armed conflict, from chefs to cleaning ladies. /end/ds