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BANJALUKA, July 11 /SRNA/ - Republika Srpska Minister of Justice Anton Kasipovic has told Srna it is time the local staff in the judicial institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Entities and Brcko District take responsibility for the establishment of the judicial system, its functioning and definitive institution of the rule of law.


Kasipovic said he believed the personnel in Srpska and in BiH had the strength and competence to make the system more efficient.

"It is time we definitely say that we are able or unable to do what citizens are paying us for, that we can or cannot do that. We have to have answers to the questions of how the judicial system can be more efficient,” said Kasipovic.

Commenting on a High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council /HJPC/ of BiH approval to a US Embassy senior judicial advisor to be engaged in the BiH Prosecutor’s Office, he said he understood the competences of the HJPC and State-level judicial institutions, but that no one had asked the Ministry of Justice anything, nor asked for its opinion.

"I don’t consider that good practice. As for the engagement of the advisor in the BiH Prosecutor’s Office, the Ministry learnt about the news from the media,” Kasipovic noted.

He underlined that the Srpska and BiH judiciary had the strong support of international institutions for reforms for years, as well as material support, especially for the construction and renovation of buildings and equipment, which contributed to the judiciary’s efficiency. /end/ds