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NEVESINJE, July 12 /SRNA/ - Serbian member of parliament Milimir Vujadinovic said today that the Nevesinje Rifle launched an idea for the freedom of the Serbian Corps in the Balkans and the return of Serbian statehood, for which the unity of Serbs on both sides of the Drina River is of great significance.


"For such idea’s outcome, the unity of us from the other side of the Drina River with us on this side of the Drina, and the unity of the Serbian President and the Serbian Covernment in Belgrade with the institutions of Republika Srpska is highly important," Vujadinovic has said in his address in the village of Krekovi near Nevesinje where the 143rd anniversary of the Nevesinje Rifle was marked.

He has pointed out that this unity has concrete results in projects, bigger than ever in history.

Natasa Gligoric, the great-grand-daughter of harambasa / the rank for the senior commander of a hajduk band/ Pero Tunguz, in whose hands the first Nevesinje rifle fired, has said that the first shot from the Nevesinje rifle broke out through Europe and launched a series of liberation wars against an alien army.

"Pero Tunguz and his brothers in arms got their place in the textbooks, and Nevesinje got its place on European historical stage of that time," Gligoric has said.

Gligoric has said that every man in Herzegovina carries a dedication to St Sava tradition for faith, freedom and justice.

The Mayor of Nevesinje municipality, Milenko Avdalovic, has said that the Nevesinje Rifle fired 143 years ago in the village of Krekovi in Nevesinje, and just before that there was a meeting of the Nevesinje heads of government held in Belgrade, while harambasa Pero Tunguz, with his group of rebels, intercepted Turkish caravan in Bisina that marked the beginning of uprising, which turned into a solution to the so-called eastern issue.

He has noted that the Nevesinje Rifle was not only an uprising in 1875, but also the Ulog Uprising and an uprising against the fascists in 1941.

“The Nevesinje Rifle was an inspiration for the people who defended Nevesinje between 1992 and 1995 and created the stated of Serbs on this side of the Drina River for the first time. The Serbs were being killed in various armies, but in the last war only in their own army that brought freedom and the state," said Avdalovic.

The 143rd anniversary of the Nevesinje Rifle was marked by holding memorial service, laying wreaths and a suitable programme today in the village of Krekovi. Prior to it, the Divine Liturgy was served in the Church of St. Basil of Ostrog in Nevesinje. /end/vos