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SREBRENICA, July 12 /SRNA/ - For the first time, memorial service for the Serbs killed on Petrovdan /St Peter’s Day/ in 1992 at Zalazje near Srebrenica was attended by one Bosniak - Ibran Mustafic, who paid tribute to the victims.


Mustafic told SRNA that he wanted to attend the memorial service three years ago, but the police warned him not to do so for security reasons, as the then Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic was attacked day before in Potocari.

"I have a moral obligation under God's and human laws to pay tribute to the people who were captured here and brutally killed after being abused, and, unfortunately, they were killed by members of my people," Mustafic has said.

Mustafic has said that before the war he was the president of the Executive Board in the Srebrenica Municipality, i.e. “the president of all residents and that he tried to be normal and represent the interests of the residents".

"I did not need a war. I had my professional and political career before the war, and I did not need to build my career on counting bones. I do not need either crimes or genocide. Seven or eight prisoners of war were taken alive from here to Srebrenica prison after the battle," he has said.

Mustafic, who also cited this in his book "Planed Chaos", has pointed out that there was one nurse among the prisoners of war and that "they were killed in the most brutal manner".

He has noted that in the 1990 elections, his political party /SDA/ received about 800 votes less than him, which indicates that a certain number of Serbs voted for him.

Mustafic has said that "for the people who were brutally murdered here, besides all God's, human and wartime laws" I feel obliged to come here and pay tribute to them.

"Why am I doing this? Here, people had been murdered by criminals from the ranks of my people, which is all the continuation of the crimes that had been committed on all sides since the beginning of the war. In 1995 my family was killed by members of my people who had committed crimes here too," Mustafic has explained.

He has said that the perpetrators of crimes of all nations still cooperate with each other as brothers, and those who lost are the same on all sides.

"I have no right to emphasize my own, and to undermine other people's victims, and here I have come to pay homage. I hope people will understand, because one who cannot sympathize with someone else's pain cannot talk about his/her own," said Mustafic.

In the village of Zalazje near Srebrenica, memorial service was served at the memorial ossuary for the victims of the last two wars, the candles were lit for 69 Serbs killed on this day in 1992 and flowers were laid at the memorial to mark 26 years since the grand suffering of Serbs in the Srebrenica municipality. /end/vos