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BANJALUKA, August 10 /SRNA/ - The director of the Republika Srpska Center for the Investigation of War and War Crimes and the Search for Missing Persons, Milorad Kojic, has said that it is important to revoke the 2004 Srebrenica Commission Report which even does not recognize the killings of 2,600 Serbs in the central Podrinje and to form a new international commission on Srebrenica which will include all events from 1992 to 1995.


“It is very important for the Republika Srpska Parliament to review the Srebrenica Commission Report at its session on August 14 and reject it,” Kojic has told SRNA.

He has said that there are causes for certain consequences, and that this is what is important, since some are persistently trying to avoid the sufferings of Serbs who are accused of even that which did not happen.

Commenting on the fact that the Slobodna Bosna Internet portal published a list of 22,000 Serbs who they believe are tied to war crimes in Srebrenica, Kojic says that this is obviously the continuation of a hunt for the Serbian people by the FBiH.

“By publishing names, these people, their families are marked as targets, and fear is being sown among all Serbs who were in the Republika Srpska Army in any other area. The publishing of names and surnames of people, putting marks on them as if they have something to do with some event, is beyond justice and any legal norm,” Kojic has said.

According to him, this is seen the best in the Srebrenica Report which was made under the pressure of the IC in 2004, and in the list made by the task force which is so harmful for Republika Srpska and the Serbian people.

He says that there are people on the list who have been exonerated by courts in BiH of responsibility for events in Srebrenica.

“This shows the best the validity and value of the report and the task force. No one has the right to say that someone is a war criminal only because he was a member of any unit of the Republika Srpska Army,” Kojic has said.

He has stressed that the FBiH wants to impose a collective guilt on all members of the Republika Srpska Army and to link the whole Serbian people and Republika Srpska with events of the 1990s wars.

At the initiative of the Republika Srpska President, Milorad Dodik, the Republika Srpska Parliament will on August 14 review the 2004 Srebrenica Commission Report which says that 7,801 Bosniaks were killed in Srebrenica in the period July 10 – July 19, 1995.

The Commission was formed by the Republika Srpska Government, on orders of the Chamber for Human Rights. /end/sg