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SRNA News Roundup /IV/ - August 15, 2018




BANJALUKA – The Alliance of Independent Social Democrats /SNSD/ says that by claiming that “the SNSD is pushing BiH to NATO,” the Alliance for Change is merely trying to cover up its servility towards Sarajevo and foreign bosses because of whom they did not dare to take part in passing a strategic document – the Resolution on Protection of Constitutional Order and Declaration of Srpska’s Military Neutrality.


SARAJEVO – The BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs last year spent KM 1,628,759 on official travels, says the auditor’s office.

SARAJEVO – The BiH Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations last year spent KM 62,850 on the use of official vehicles, says a report from the auditor’s office.


BELGRADE – Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic says that he does not think that the statement by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who said that there will be no change of borders in the Western Balkans, pertains to self-declared Kossovo.

ZVECAN – His Eminence the Bishop of Raska and Prizren, Teodosije, has said that we should not scare Serbs who survive in Kossovo under impossible conditions, keeping their faith and sacrifice of their ancestors.


THE HAGUE – The Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals at The Hague plans to pronounce a final judgment in the case of former Republika Srpska President Radovan Karadzic in December, it was said today at a status conference at The Hague, which was presided by Judge Theodor Meron. /end/sg