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BANJALUKA, September 14 /SRNA/ - President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik says the Russian Federation has always had a principled stance towards Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Dayton Peace Agreement, which was based on international law and not on damaging international legal order.


Dodik pointed out that the Russian Federation had not supported any kind of instability, rather supported the idea of having everything in BiH a matter of agreement between the peoples.

"Russia’s principled stance allows us to state our own view too. Such Russia’s stance is the only one useful for BiH. All other views of international entities, if they side with one side, are not viable in the long run,” Dodik stated in Banjaluka addressing politicians, businessmen and public figures of Srpska during the forum “Strategic Dialogue on Cooperation between St Petersburg and Republika Srpska,” in which the Governor of the Russian northern capital Georgy Poltavchenko is also taking part.

Dodik said that in the previous period certain international officials had violated international law and imposed laws through the high representatives in BiH.

"The Dayton Peace Agreement is one of the key documents of the recent political history,” concluded Dodik.

He thanked the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin for his principled stance and his interest in meeting with the Srpska leadership once or twice a year.

Dodik said there was no "malevolent Russian influence" here, as some people wanted to portray things, and that Republika Srpska intentionally communicated with the Russian Federation and St Petersburg, as well as others in the region who were interested in cooperation.

He said Republika Srpska was proud of its cooperation with Russia and St Petersburg and noted that the cooperation would continue.

Republika Srpska has positive experiences with Russian companies in Srpska, he said. /end/ds