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BANJALUKA, September 14 /SRNA/ - Governor of Saint Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko supported the exchange of young experts, graduates and students in Banjaluka on Friday for their further advancement and acquisition of practical know-how.


Answering questions of the participants of the forum “Strategic Dialogue on Cooperation between St Petersburg and Republika Srpska” together with Srpska President Milorad Dodik, Poltavchenko said he supported the exchange of experts and bachelors so that they could be trained to work in institutions.

"That would also contribute to the cooperation between Republika Srpska and Russia. The exchange specifically refers to the application of information technologies and online documents. Those are the tools that governmental bodies cannot operate without today,” stressed Poltavchenko.

He also backed the cooperation and exchange of students from Banjaluka and Saint Petersburg, especially regarding practical training, saying that the issue would be put on the agenda of the future meetings between the authorities of Republika Srpska and Saint Petersburg.

Answering a question by a youth representative, Dodik pointed out that free Russian language courses would be available once the Russian-Serbian Cultural Centre opened in Banjaluka.

Poltavchenko backed the decision and invited youth organisation representatives from Srpska to take part in the Youth Forum taking place in the Russian city towards the end of the year.

Poltavchenko’s participation in the Banjaluka forum has attracted the interests of businessmen too, who spoke with him about the possibilities and assistance in seeking business partners.

"We are trying to find investors for tourist projects in Saint Petersburg and will try to awaken the interest of investors who are already present in our city to develop business in Republika Srpska,” said Poltavchenko. /end/ds