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BRCKO, September 14 /SRNA/ - The president of the Republika Srpska Veterans’ Organization, Milomir Savcic, has said that the BiH Court pronounced an insultingly small punishment to Mensur Djakic, whom it sentenced to two years in prison for crimes against Serbs in Bukvik near Brcko, and that even greater paradox is that the immediate perpetrator, Begzad Kajtazi, was acquitted of charges.


He says that it is incredible that a superior, in whose presence three prisoners of war were killed and several were wounded, was handed down an insultingly small sentence for crimes against prisoners and the wounded.

“26 years ago, there were silence and moans, and now only silence has left because of the shameful sentence handed down by the BiH Court that is even smaller than a minimum mandatory sentence for a war crime,” Savcic has said.

Savcic, who today in Bukvik attended a memorial service for 66 Serbs from this and surrounding villages whom Muslim-Croatian forces killed on September 14, 1992, has asked what should be done so that everyone are treated equally by courts.

Brcko Mayor Sinisa Milic has said that courts in BiH should be independent, and that the latest decision of the BiH Court in connection with the investigation and proceedings against perpetrators of the crime in Bukvik unfortunately shows that this is not the case, and stressed that it seems that this is a political decision aimed at creating history in these parts.

“Of course that all criminals should answer, but if a selective justice is meted out and if such crimes deserve only two years in prison, than justice is out of the question,” Milic has said.

The BiH Court has sentenced Mensur Djakic to two years in prison and acquitted Begzad Kajtazi of charges of crimes against Serbs in Bukvik.

According to the ruling, Djakic, the commander of the 1st Battalion of the 108th Brigade of the Croatian Defense Council, was found guilty of watching from the immediate vicinity members of the Battalion under his command killing three imprisoned Serbs, failing to conduct necessary and reasonable measures to punish the perpetrator.

Kajtazi was acquitted of charges of killing two Serbian women – Milka and Radojka Brestovacki, during a military operation against the village of Bukvik. /end/sg