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BOSANSKI PETROVAC, September 14 /SRNA/ - The Serbian population, which is a majority population in Bosanski Petrovac, does not feel September 14 as the liberation day, but as the day of remembrance of the exodus they experienced in 1995, which is why an initiative will be launched not to celebrate this date in the future in this federal municipality where 4,500 Serbs live.


The initiative was announced today by Dejan Prosic, the chairman of the Municipal Assembly of Bosanski Petrovac, where a memorial service was held today in the church of Holy Peter and Paul for 293 Serbian civilians killed 23 years ago in the Sana 95 operation, and for fallen soldiers.

“If we do not succeed to do it in the Assembly, for which we need a two-thirds majority, we will try to call a referendum where people would voice their opinion on the date which is not logical to be celebrated in this municipality as a liberation day,” Prosic told SRNA, stressing that September 14 reminds Serbs of persecutions and sufferings in the exodus.

He has said that he will propose that September be declared the month of peace and tolerance in Bosanski Petrovac.

Prosic has said that a memorial service, which was celebrated by priests of the Eparchy with the blessing of the Bishop of Bihac and Petrovac, Sergije, was attended by some 100 citizens, Serbian representatives in the local assembly, representatives of associations active in the municipality and homeland associations from Banjaluka and Belgrade. /end/sg