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DOBOJ, October 10 /SRNA/ - President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik visited the injured workers of the Brod Refinery at the Sveti apostol Luka Hospital in Doboj and called them heroes because they prevented a major catastrophe by being level-headed.


Dodik said he was satisfied since, according to medical reports, the injured workers were well, and offered condolences to the dead worker’s family.

"It was very important to turn off the valves to prevent an inflow of gas which would have made the tragedy even bigger. They sacrificed their life and turned off the valves. One of their colleagues was killed and I am sorry. I am offering my condolences to his family. This proves their self-confidence. They did not panic, they did not run away. Had they done that, the tragedy would have been much bigger,” Dodik told the press on Wednesday.

After this event, he expects many enterprises in Republika Srpska will raise their level of security to avoid threat to human lives and property.

"I believe it will be found out very soon whether the catastrophe was technical or, God forbid, something else,” said Dodik, noting that the competent institutions were on the ground to establish the cause of the accident in the Brod Oil Refinery.

The event at the refinery could have been an environmental problem, he said.

"Last night a delegation arrived in Banjaluka headed by assistant minister of energy of the Russian Federation, and they were supposed, and I believe they have, spoken with Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic about some improvements today. They are committed, and we in Republika Srpska agree that gas from Croatia be brought into the refinery until we set up our own pipeline,” said Dodik.

He noted that the rest was a matter of procedures and up to Croatia, and pointed out that Srpska wanted to work together with Croatian authorities on the issue.

"Our competent ministries have done everything in accordance with the strictest European standards to take care of the Sava River in terms of the environment and preventing danger from the Oil Refinery in Brod. An environmental permit has been issued in that respect,” said Dodik.

Zoran Blagojevic, a doctor at the Doboj hospital, said the health condition of the injured workers was good, that X-rays confirmed that, and that he was expecting the patients to be discharged on Thursday at the latest.

Six patients injured in the blast in the Brod refinery were admitted to the Doboj hospital, five of whom with light injuries were kept for observation and one was sent home.

The police said the explosion had occurred in an oil processing plant on Tuesday at 21.30 CET. /end/ds