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BANJALUKA, October 11 /SRNA/ - The director of the Optima Group Banjaluka, Andrej Getinger, has said that the Brod Oil Refinery, where an accident has recently occurred, resumed deliveries of oil and petroleum derivatives and that it is meeting all of its contractual obligations towards buyers.


Getinger has said that all buyers will be supplied by oil and petroleum derivatives in keeping with norms, needs and requests.

“We resumed deliveries of oil and petroleum derivatives today,” Getinger has said at a press conference held on the occasion of a fire and explosion in the Brod Oil Refinery where one worker was killed and ten were injured.

He has said Republika Srpska inspectors are in the field in order to determine the cause and consequences of the accident.

“As soon as the place of accident is available, we will determine potential causes of incident and check the equipment. After that, we will estimate the damage and make a plan to put into operation equipment damaged in the explosion,” Getinger has said.

He has said that they are considering prospects for starting production again in the Refinery as soon as possible.

When it comes to the environment and possible pollution of air and water, Getinger has said that their measurements before and after the explosion show that there is no serious pollution.

He refuted claims by certain media that the River Sava is polluted, noting that the place of accident is far from the river.

“Our water purification facilities were in operation. Water, which was drained into the Sava River, met the ecological criteria, and pollution was not possible by way of underground waters,” Getinger has said.

He has said that material losses can be compensated, but that the human life has no price.

“Unfortunately, our worker was killed in the explosion. We extend our sympathies to the family of worker Ljubo Patakovic and we will provide them will all financial aid they need,” Getinger says.

He thanked Refinery workers who together with firemen made great efforts to prevent the fire from spreading and causing greater material damage.

He also thanked Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik, Republika Srpska Cabinet ministers, Brod Municipality, residents of Brod and Republika Srpska, but also Croatia’s and Slavonski Brod officials who expressed the desire to help overcome the consequences of the explosion in the refinery.

An explosion and fire has recently occurred in the Brod Oil Refinery where worker Ljubo Patakovic was killed and ten of his colleagues were injured. /end/sg