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SRNA News Roundup /II/ - October 11, 2018




SARAJEVO – The president of the BiH Central Election Commission, Branko Petric, has said that 63,000 packages with ballots arrived from abroad and that 77,000 voters are registered to vote by mail abroad.

SARAJEVO – Suad Arnautovic, a member of the BiH Central Election Commission, has said that Commission members do not go to people’s homes to enroll them in the central voter’s registry but that this is done on the basis of official records.

BRATUNAC – Vojin Pavlovic, an independent candidate for Republika Srpska president, has said that he refutes any connection of his name with alleged frauds and theft of votes, noting that ten days before elections, on September 28, he publicly gave up his candidacy and called on voters to vote for SNSD candidate Zeljka Cvijanovic.


BANJALUKA - The director of the Optima Group Banjaluka, Andrej Getinger, has said that the Brod Oil Refinery, where an accident has recently occurred, resumed deliveries of oil and petroleum derivatives and that it is meeting all of its contractual obligations towards buyers.

DOBOJ - All five workers, who were admitted to the Holy Apostle Luke Hospital in Doboj after an explosion occurred in the Brod Oil Refinery, were discharged from hospital, SRNA was told by Hospital staff.

MILICI – Milici Municipality this year provided around KM 25,000 from the budget to subsidize reconstruction of facades and roofs, the head of the department for spatial planning and housing-utility affairs, Sladjana Todorovic, told SRNA.

BANJALUKA – Nine projects of the Banjaluka associations of citizens will be supported as part of the Regional Program of Local Democracy in the Balkans, which is being implemented by the UN Development Program /UNDP/ in partnership with the City of Banjaluka.

BANJALUKA – A postage stamp “the 9th art” was released today and it is promoting comic strips as the 9th art which in Republika Srpska has a future, said the executive director of the Poste Srpske, Zoran Protic.

DOBOJ – The number of preschool children with speech impairment is on the rise in Doboj, and the recent testing of first grade pupils in Doboj elementary schools discovered that even 35% of them need treatment, said speech therapist Mira Cvijanovic.

KOSTAJNICA – 43 blood units were collected today in a blood donation campaign organized by the Kostajnica Red Cross.


ISTOCNO SARAJEVO – An indictment was issued against the former Gen. of the so-called Army of BiH, Atif Dudakovic, for crimes against Serbs, the Internet portal Princip News has learned unofficially.

BANJALUKA – The Association of Refugee Workers and Invalids from Croatia with BiH Citizenship is not satisfied with the attitude of the Croatian authorities towards the issue of status rights of Serbs in Croatia, which is why they may organize protests in front of the Croatian Consulate in Banjaluka and the Croatian Embassy in Sarajevo, Association President Nikola Puzigaca told SRNA.


ZAGREB – On this day in 1956, Zagreb Archbishop Alojzije Stepinac, a supporter of the Ustashe Independent State of Croatia /NDH/, was sentenced to 16 years in prison, and efforts of the Catholic Church and Croatian nationalists to declare him a saint and a protector of the weak have lasted ever since. An article by Nenad TADIC


MOSCOW, WASHINGTON, PARIS – Russia’s taking over of the leading position in the world wheat market has worried France, which is openly trying to talk buyers out of Russian wheat.

VIENNA – The Austrian authorities will continue to control borders with Hungary and Slovenia for another six months, until May 2019, reports the APA, citing a document that was prepared by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Herbert Kikl. /end/sg