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BANJALUKA, November 8 /SRNA/ - SNSD leader Milorad Dodik said Thursday inter-party talks about the government formation in Republika Srpska are expected to start on Monday, November 12 and that he believes the new Government could be formed by the end of the month.


"We want to confirm our joint efforts in forming the government in Srpska and in the joint BiH institutions. I will do all in my power for Republika Srpska to have formed institutions as soon as possible so that it can start adopting strategic documents,” Dodik told the press in Banjaluka, where he attended a marking of St Demetrius Day, the patron saint’s day of the DNS.

Commenting on a statement by DNS leader Marko Pavic that he will not give up on his MPs in the National Assembly, Dodik said no one was asking him to.

"We are not happy with the performance of certain people. The SNSD has a calculation and I’m not asking for anyone to be thrown out of the party, but we must know who we can count on. Every MP from the SNSD who loses the confidence of the party leadership will be punished and there’s no doubt about that,” said Dodik.

He reiterated that SNSD vice-president Radovan Viskovic will be the Prime Minister-designate.

"We cannot have the policy of which position in the government belongs to who. We have serious issues we have to deal with, including changing the mentality of many people who get responsible duties,” said Dodik.

He pointed out that the main priority of Republika Srpska was its positioning and that everyone in Srpska and in the joint BiH institutions had to do that.

"Those who fail to do that will not be needed because the structure that can handle the problems of the time to come is important,” he said.

His goal is a stable majority in the National Assembly which will ensure unimpeded operations.

"I am glad the NDP decided to speak with the SNSD about the projects of a strong Srpska. I respect their capacity of four MPs in the National Assembly. We will treat the political parties in accordance with their MP capacity because we want to have a clean slate. We want a structure that works and which is responsible to the institutions of Republika Srpska, the president, the National Assembly and the Government,” said Dodik.

The attitude of the people in power at the BiH State level must change, he reiterated.

"I will take the oath at the National Assembly and propose a new law that will stipulate that everyone from Republika Srpska elected to the BiH State level must take the oath of office at the National Assembly of Republika Srpska. Such responsibility must be visible," said Dodik, who is a newly elected Serb member of the BiH Presidency. /end/ds