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SRNA News Roundup /III/ - November 8, 2018




BANJALUKA - The Serb Democratic Party /SDS/ requests the Appellate Division of the BiH Court to annul the decision of the Central Election Commission /CEC/ of BiH confirming the results of general elections in BiH due to violations of procedural rules.


BANJALUKA - Republika Srpska Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic stated today that the Srpska Government always talks with social partners and trade unions and will go on for a salary increase where possible.

BANJALUKA - Republika Srpska Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic said in Banjaluka today that Nedeljko Kesic resigned as the director of the company “Hydro Power Plants on the Vrbas River”, wich fits into all announced government measures.

SAMAC - His Grace Bishop Fotije of Zvornik-Tuzla served Divine Liturgy today in the Church of the Holy Great Martyr Demetrios in Samac over the St. Demetrios Day /Mitrovdan/ - the patron saint day of the church, the Samac Municipality and the War Veterans Organisation of Republika Srpska.

BANJALUKA - SNSD Deputy Leader Zeljka Cvijanovic said today that she has good co-operation with coalition partners DNS and SP for years.

BANJALUKA - SNSD Deputy Leader Radovan Viskovic stated in Banjaluka today that he is certain that the DNS will remain in coalition with the SNSD and the SP.

PALE - A member of the SNSD Presidency, Stasa Kosarac, has said that the most important thing for Republika Srpska is to create a quality patriotic bloc for Srpska at the level of joint institutions of BiH that will gather together around the institutions of Srpska.

BRATUNAC – Leader of the Eastern Alternative Civic Association of Republika Srpska, Vojin Pavlovic, has said that the behavior and rhetoric of the ambassador of Austria to BiH, Martin Pammer, is unacceptable, and welcomed Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik’s stance on the Austrian ambassador.


BANJALUKA - Milorad Dodik, the newly elected member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina from Republika Srpska, said today that his top priority would be the departure of High Representative, Valentin Inzko, as he is a schemer who was telling untruths and was unjustifiably slandering Srpska at the UN Security Council’s session.

BANJALUKA - Milorad Dodik, the newly elected member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina from Republika Srpska, stated Thursday in Banjaluka that a part of the new policy will be the idea to have Srpska’s representatives attend the marking of national holidays of the countries whose ambassadors attend the Day of Republika Srpska /January 9/ celebrations.

BANJALUKA - The future chair of the Council of Ministers of BiH will be Zoran Tegeltija, the ATV learns unofficially.

BRCKO - The 17th International Fair of Economy opened today in Brcko, where approximately 150 exhibitors from Bosnia and Herzegovina and countries of the region have placed their products and stands on 1,500 square meters.

ISTOCNO SARAJEVO - Serbian language professor at the Faculty of Philosophy in Istocno Sarajevo Milanka Babic believes the implementation of the language provision in the Law on Elementary Education in the Sarajevo Canton, which stipulates classes exclusively in one of the three official languages, aims to erase the Serbian language and wants to impose the “Bosnian” language as the only official language in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

SARAJEVO – BiH Security Minister, Dragan Mektic, has said that the uncontrolled inflow of migrants into the Una-Sana Canton could aggravate the security and humanitarian situation in this canton.

SARAJEVO - Members of the BiH Migration Operations HQ stated that the number of illegal entries in BiH has significantly decreased in the last week, and that the number of migrants residing in the country has been reduced to about 2,500 people.

SARAJEVO - The eight Bosniaks, who were arrested today by SIPA members, are suspected of killing at least 12 captured HVO members who surrendered and laid down their weapons in the Vitez area in December 1993, as well as two Croat women.


MOSTAR – The contract on the construction of motorway Corridor Vc’s section Donja Gracanica /Zenica north/ - Zenica tunel, worth EUR 67,360,069 was signed in Mostar today.


BELGRADE - Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic has said at the opening of the 6h NATO Week in Belgrade that Serbia opposes the transformation of security forces into the army of self-proclaimed Kosovo as it violates UN Security Council Resolution 1244 and endangers regional stability.

BELGRADE - Svetozar Livada's book "Biological Breakdown and Disappearance of Serbs in Croatia /1880-2011/", which reads that the Serbs from the constituent people became a national minority in Croatia, was presented today at the Vuk’s Endowment in Belgrade.

BELGRADE - The Vuk's Science Endowment went to Marta Frajnd for 2018 Science, while the art award went to Milivoj Pavlovic, the Vuk’s Endowment told SRNA.


BELGRADE - The Varazdin County Court will decide on November 14 on motion to release Dragan Vasiljkovic, AKA Captain Dragan, after serving two-thirds of his sentence, said Sladjana Cankovic, his legal representative. /end/vos