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ISTOCNO SARAJEVO, November 9 /SRNA/ - By implementing the provision on language in the Law on Primary Education in the Sarajevo Canton, which requires teaching exclusively in one of the three official languages, is not only the act of segregation, but the act of imposition of unitary BiH, is the opinion of Milos Kovacevic, one of the most prominent Serb linguists.


"The Bosniaks’ policy has so far included Bosnia with three peoples and three at least symbolic languages. The current language provision in the Law on Primary Education in Sarajevo Canton is one step towards achieving the Bosniaks’ goal," Kovacevic has said in his SRNA statement.

Since Sarajevo Canton is nearly one-national, Kovacevic says, it is normal to expect that the term "Bosnian language" is used in more than 95 percent of cases, because it is the language of the majority.

Kovacevic has explained that this actually paves the path for the "Bosnian language" as the language of the majority in BiH, pointing out that in such case, it should be clearly stated that it is Serbian language in Republika Srpska, as majority of the population in Srpska is Serbian, as it will be only "Bosnian" in the Federation of BiH as the Bosniaks are the majority.

"But this is not a good course for the Serbs in BiH over the simple reason as the status of the Serbian language and the other two so-called languages are not the same. The Bosnian and Croatian languages are symbolic ones, with no linguistic base in the language identity, then the pears and apples are being equated, Kovacevic points out.

According to him, in that case, the symbolic function of the language is equated, which serves one nation, in fact, only to show that they have their own language they use at the level of its name, but not at the level of the language itself.

"In fact, they leave to Serbs a status of a language at the level of the name only, putting the Serbian Language into the same boat with Bosnian and Croatian language. This is the path to Bosnia where the principle - one person one vote – will rule, where the majority will decide even to have one nation based on one language," Kovacevic says.

He has pointed out that segregation of children in the Sarajevo Canton is a special story, since Sarajevo as the capital of BiH, should in some way present a model for multiethnic BiH of three-nations BiH.

"Entering only the ‘Bosnian language’ as the majority language, because it will be quite normal for the Bosniak population to opt for this name, is, in fact, denying the existence of Serbs and Croats, not only in the Canton, but at the level of the majority and in BiH," Kovacevic has added.

Since November 2, more than a year after the adoption of the Law on Primary Education, the Ministry of Education of the Sarajevo Canton has started implementing an instruction that schools are obligated to conduct a survey with parents of children in order to use only one of the official languages in BiH "Bosnian", Croatian or Serbian language.

School children recently brought home a document entitled “Stating your opinion on the name of the subject deriving from the name of one of the three official languages of the BiH constituent peoples.”

The cantonal Minister of Education, Science and Youth, Elvir Kazazovic, earlier informed the principals of elementary and secondary schools that the report cards and diplomas will no longer have the “Bosnian,” Croatian, Serbian language and literature as the name of the subject, but that the lectures and other forms of educational activities will be carried out in one of the three official languages used by the constituent peoples in BiH. /end/vos