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BANJALUKA, November 9 /SRNA/ - Legal solutions need to be adopted in Republika Srpska in order to further protect the Entity when it comes to migrants, the coordination body in charge of monitoring the movement of illegal migrants across the territory of Republika Srpska stated in a meeting in Banjaluka on Friday.


Entity President Milorad Dodik said that the Government’s measures related to migrants had ensured good results and that the BiH State level was not working for the benefit of Republika Srpska and BiH with respect to this problem.

He noted that new legal solutions and amendments to the existing regulations would give new powers to the police and that reserve police forces should be formed in the coming period.

"Over the next few days I will also think about the formation of a national security service because Republika Srpska has no use from the BiH Intelligence and Security Agency,” Dodik stated after the meeting of the coordination body and added that he would ask the competent State-level institutions not to grant asylum to anyone anymore because there had been announcements that 20,000 migrants could apply for asylum, who could, if granted, become BiH citizens within three years.

The issue of migrants is much more complex than many would like it to be, said Dodik, asserting that the State level had never issued any preventive measures.

"There are many political processes behind this and the goal is to minimise everything. One of the goals was to disband our police force and restore the infamous story about the police reform,” added Dodik.

He pointed out that no one in Republika Srpska should be naive because this problem was not going to go away and that it was necessary to form an information and alert service.

"Some legal solutions should also be proposed at the BiH State level. Smuggling of people should be criminally prosecuted and severely punished, like murder,” said Dodik.

He considers it important to speak with the countries from which the migrants come from and try to seek a much greater cooperation with Serbia and Montenegro and cutting of migration routes.

"We have rejected the formation of camps in the countries bordering with the EU because it is not good for BiH in the long term. Rigorous control of the borders must be established and entry of migrants into BiH prevented,” added Dodik.

Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic said there was no reliable data about the number of migrants, which was a huge problem.

A series of health and security problems have been caused in the Federation of BiH cantons where 20,000 migrants out of the 21,000 applied for asylum, she said.

"The measures and conclusions adopted by the Srpska Government have achieved good results. It was totally right to conclude that Republika Srpska was neither prepared nor had the capacity to admit migrants. We then stated they should be relocated outside Srpska, which was done in the previous period, but we observed all humanitarian principles,” said Cvijanovic.

She recalled that a certain number of officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republika Srpska was made available in order to resolve the migrant crisis and added that the State level did not approach the issue properly.

"We don’t have any reliable data about the number of migrants nor the capacity to accommodate them. This issue requires regal solutions. BiH will have to make the requirements for granting asylum stricter if it wants to become a normal country,” said Cvijanovic.

She reiterated that the problem with migrants in the region was persistent since 2015, but that the people who held significant positions at the BiH State level were trying to persuade others that the problem would go away.

"We are concerned by the information coming from the cantons in which there are migrants and the problem is that they have not been adequately checked. That’s why we issued a preliminary set of conclusions stating that the policy applied so far should be maintained. Very soon, we will have the legal solutions to ensure further protection and establish certain powers for our police so they can handle such problems,” said Cvijanovic.

The prime minister believes the situation with migrants cannot be resolved within a month nor within a year or two.

"BiH must approach the problem in a systemic manner. The EU is closing its borders and I’m afraid such policy means that migrants should be kept in BiH. The fact is that the BiH borders are not maintained in an adequate manner, while there are than 1,000 administrative workers in various State-level agencies, which was done for election purposes,” said Cvijanovic.

The meeting at the Government’s Administrative Centre was attended by Minister of Justice Anton Kasipovic, Minister of Internal Affairs Dragan Lukac, Minister of Health and Social Welfare Dragan Bogdanic, Minister of Refugees and Displaced Persons Davor Cordas and Police Director Darko Culum. /end/ds