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BANJALUKA, November 9 /SRNA/ - SNSD leader Milorad Dodik says his party and its coalition partners are prepared to form, within a short period of time, the new Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina which must have some common policies, if possible.


"We are not forming political coalitions at the BiH State level. That’s been made up by various analysts in BiH. We are going there /to Sarajevo/ with our policies which are very clear,” Dodik told the press in Banjaluka.

An agreement about a new asylum policy and other issues is necessary, he said.

"If that doesn’t work, operations of the institutions will be paralysed, like they have been before. I wouldn’t want that to happen but neither do I want them to treat the initiatives coming from Republika Srpska like they did in the past,” said Dodik, who is a newly elected member of the BiH Presidency from Srpska.

He is ready to work with everyone in the joint BiH institutions to confirm the policy of further strengthening BiH’s sovereignty, abolishing the position of the High Representative and not having foreign judges in the BiH Constitutional Court.

If not, Dodik sees no reason to defend the country’s sovereignty about any other issue.

"Republika Srpska undoubtedly has strong capacity in terms of representation in BiH and we will not hesitate to work on behalf of Srpska, not wanting to cause any damage to any Bosniaks or Croats, the Federation of BiH or its cantons,” said Dodik.

Republika Srpska wants the measure of preventing the entry of migrants into BiH accepted and does not want the migration crisis, like the one seen in the Una-Sana Canton, spill over to its territory, he said.

"If they don’t want that, they should tell us that they had devised this migration policy and that it focuses on long-term issues and resolutions. When you are granted asylum you become a BiH citizen in three-year‘s time and have every right to live wherever in BiH you want. You can come to Banjaluka,” he said.

Such demands by Republika Srpska will not be ignored, he said, adding that the inefficient policy on migrants at the State level must change.

"I believe that BiH should turn to Serbia and say - close your borders, we can’t admit any more migrants from your side, if you let any more migrants through, we will issue our own measures. I call on everyone in Sarajevo to define such policy,” said Dodik.

He announced a meeting with HDZ leader Dragan Covic about the current cooperation for Monday, November 12.

"There has been some communication with others too, but I admit I’m a bit lazy in terms of politics and I can’t understand the situation in the Federation of BiH, I don’t know who wants to be with whom there and I don’t intend to engage in such matters. I am waiting for them to form the majority to speak to them,” said Dodik. /end/ds