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SRNA News Roundup /III/ - November 12, 2018




BANJALUKA - The Republika Srpska Government adopted today in Banjaluka the electric power balance of the Mixed Holding Power Company of Republika Srpska for 2019 and the 2019-2021 electric power balance, which indicate that the power supply of the consumers in Srpska and Brcko District will be fully provided in the long run.

BANJALUKA - The Republika Srpska Government today adopted information on the work performance of European integration working groups in the domain of technical finalization of the answers to additional questions from the European Commission’s Questionnaire for the seven chapters of the EU heritage, and agrees with the answers, which, inter alia, relate to the free movement of goods.

BANJALUKA - Republika Srpska President Milorad Dodik told today the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to BiH, Petr Ivantsov, that he expects the governments in both Republika Srpska and at all levels to be formed soon.

BANJALUKA - The Republika Srpska Representative Office in Austria is working intensively to promote the tourist potentials of Srpska, such as the Olympic mountain of Jahorina and its upcoming winter season.

BANJALUKA – The 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War was marked by consecrating the cross on the chapel of the Serbian Orthodox Church /SPC/ in Mauthausen, near Linz, Austria, where more than 8,000 Serb soldiers rest in peace at the Italian cemetery.

ISTOCNO SARAJEVO - SNSD Leader Milorad Dodik stated today he believes that the new government of Republika Srpska can be formed by the end of November, or in the first few days of the following month at the latest.

BANJALUKA - PDP Leader Branislav Borenovic has voiced his expectation that the SDS will remain consistent with the principles based on which the two parties built a pre-election campaign within the Alliance for Victory /SzP/ and addressed to the citizens, stressing that the current authorities in Republika Srpska need a strong alternative.

BANJALUKA – The Oil Refinery Modrica and the Optima Group have organised the first expert meeting for auto-services’ representatives from Republika Srpska and the Federation of BiH, where the Refinery’s achievements were presented with a special accent on the development of motor oils for passenger and commercial vehicles.


ISTOCNO SARAJEVO - SNSD Leader Milorad Dodik has stated in Istocno Sarajevo that today's meeting of the SNSD and HDZ BiH delegations and their future joint activity in terms of forming government and implementing election results in BiH is not directed against anyone, but a common goal for all should be - a stable BiH that is based on the Dayton Constitution.

ISTOCNO SARAJEVO - HDZ BiH Leader Dragan Covic has stated in Istocno Sarajevo that this party’s wish is to continue cooperation with the SNSD in even more intensified manner, as there has been a general standstill in the last two years when it comes to the joint institutions of BiH, due to the lack of a parliamentary majority.

SARAJEVO – Tomorrow, the Council of Ministers is supposed to discuss information on the current situation related to the preparation of answers to additional questions from the European Commission’s Questionnaire, whose proponent is the Directorate for European Integration of BiH.

SARAJEVO - Minister of Finance and Treasury of BiH, Vjekoslav Bevanda, said during today’s meeting with Head of the International Monetary Fund /IMF/ Mission to BiH, Martin Petri, that it is necessary to continue the economic reforms that have already begun following the formation of the government.

SARAJEVO - A medical scientific expert, a neuropsychiatrist Vjekoslav Kovacevic said today that Miro Milicic and Marko Mitric are not capable of taking part in the trial against Alminko Islamovic for crimes committed against Serb civilians in Brod 1992, as it would deteriorate their very poor psychological state.


BIHAC - The Municipal Court Bihac has ordered a one-month detention for a migrant from Sri Lanka, whose initials are N.R., over suspicion that he committed the criminal offense of the abusive act against a thirteen-year-old girl, the Una-Sana Canton Prosecutor's has announced.


BELGRADE - The Holy Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church /SPC/ has announced that the decision on Ukrainian church autocephaly of the Patriarchate of Constantinople is unacceptable and that it will not recognize "Ukrainian dissenters," it was published today on the SPC website.

BELGRADE - The social and economic councils of Serbia and Greece signed a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation in Athens today.

BELGRADE - The truth about the First World War cannot be erased, and the attempts by a part of the Croatian public to revise that part of history in order to diminish Serbia and the Serb people’s role in the Great War simply cannot do, the secretary of the Association of Serbs from Croatia, Milojko Budimir, has said.


CETINJE - The international literary event "The Days of Njegos /Njegosevi Dani/” began today with the Divine Liturgy being held in Cetinje monastery by His Eminence Metropolitan Amfilohije of Montenegro and the Littoral in Cetinje. /end/vos