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SRNA News Roundup /III/ - November 19, 2018




BANJALUKA – The newly-elected members of the 10th Republika Srpska Parliament today took a solemn oath of office. Nedeljko Cubrilovic of the Democratic People’s Alliance /DNS/ was elected the Speaker of the Republika Srpska Parliament. Cubrilovic has said that he is honored for being re-elected the Speaker of the Republika Srpska Parliament and that he will commit to preserving Srpska during his term in office. Parliament will make a decision on a number of deputy speakers of Parliament and will launch an initiative to elect members to the BiH House of Peoples and the Republika Srpska Council of Peoples.

BANJALUKA – The newly-elected Republika Srpska President, Zeljka Cvijanovic, and Vice-Presidents Ramiz Salkic and Josip Jerkovic took a solemn oath of office before the Republika Srpska Parliament. Cvijanovic has said that her basic idea as the Republika Srpska President will be the same idea which led her in the past period, and this is a strong, stable and prosperous Republika Srpska. She has stressed that Srpska is stable, and that the present time, when she is addressing the Republika Srpska Parliament as the newly-elected Republika Srpska President, is completely different from the time when she addressed Parliament as the prime minister-designate. Cvijanovic has said that she, as the Republika Srpska President, will insist on preserving the constitutional capacity and status of Republika Srpska and on relations within BiH as stipulated by the Dayton Peace Agreement. She has said that she expects the new Republika Srpska Government to resume positive trends and nurture dialogue with social partners.

BANJALUKA – The newly-elected Republika Srpska member of the BiH Presidency, Milorad Dodik, took and signed a solemn oath of office. Dodik has said that he fulfilled goals for preserving Srpska and that his policy will not change in the future period. “That which is not in the interest of Republika Srpska will not be in the interest of BiH either. I will not allow the other two members of the BiH Presidency to stop Srpska in any way,” Dodik said at the inaugural session of the Republika Srpska Parliament. He has said that he will insist on respecting the Dayton Peace Agreement in its full capacity.

BANJALUKA – The Executive Board of the Republika Srpska Organization of Families of Captured and Killed Soldiers and Missing Civilians will ask the new Republika Srpska Government to increase family disability pensions by 10% next year, said deputy Organization president Veljko Lazic.

BANJALUKA – The director of the Republika Srpska Chamber of Commerce, Dragica Ristic, has said that the society should support operations of small companies in order to provide for quality working conditions for employees and better positioning in the domestic and foreign markets.

BELGRADE – The Chairman of the Serbian Parliament’s Committee on the Diaspora and the Serbs in the Region, Miodrag Linta, and Committee member Aleksandar Markovic met in the Serbian Parliament with former officers of the Nevesinje Brigade on the occasion of marking Mitrovdan Battles which the Brigade waged in 1992 and 1994.


SARAJEVO – An inaugural session of the BiH Presidency will be held tomorrow in Sarajevo.

MOSTAR – The president of the Croatian Democratic Union /HDZ BiH/, Dragan Covic, has said that the new Council of Ministers could be formed by the end of the year.


SARAJEVO – Six political parties which intend to form a government in Sarajevo Canton without the SDA will try to form a Canton Government until the end of the first week of December, announced representatives of these parties.


BELGRADE – Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic spoke in Belgrade with the president of the Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals, Judge Theodor Meron, about efforts to provide for accountability for war crimes at the national level and about the status of some Serbian citizens serving their prison terms.

BELGRADE – Serbia is very interested in connecting to the Turkish Stream natural gas pipeline which will definitely bring natural gas to the region, said the Serbian Minister of Energy and Mining, Aleksandar Antic, who attended a ceremony marking the completion of a section of the pipeline under the sea near Istanbul.

BELGRADE – Ways to improve cooperation, the implementation of joint projects and access to third markets were discussed at a business forum “Serbia-Russia-Slovenia” which today in Belgrade gathered representatives of around 50 companies from these three countries.

BELGRADE – The Chairman of Interpol has rejected the request of Serbia and another five member states for the General Assembly to remove from the agenda the vote on membership of so-called Kossovo in this institution, Sputnik has learned from sources in Dubai, where a session is being held.


BELGRADE - On Saturday night or early Sunday morning, persons unknown cut down with axes between 150 and 200 olive trees owned by the Serbian returnee family Babic in the village of Biljane Donje near Zadar, the director of the Veritas Documentation Center, Savo Strbac, has told SRNA. /end/sg