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BANJALUKA, November 21 /SRNA/ - BiH Presidency Chair Milorad Dodik stated Wednesday in Banjaluka the Intelligence and Security Agency /ISA/ of BiH is an enemy organisation to Serbs and Republika Srpska and that Srpska will establish its own defence system similar to other countries.


"Republika Srpska has the right to protect its freedom and institutions. Under the Constitution, it has the right to collect intelligence data about anyone who opposes the constitutional order and that’s what we’ll do,” Dodik told the press in Banjaluka.

He said he would request a progress report from ISA and propose a law that will change many things regarding intelligence service.

"We have an enemy intelligence service which has not even adopted a platform for its work in the past years. The BiH Presidency adopts a platform for ISA’s activities, they weren’t able to do that themselves, that’s why it was possible for ISA to eavesdrop on the leadership of Serbia and Republika Srpska,” said Dodik.

He reiterated it was not an intelligence organisation he trusted because it made up all sorts of lies and drafted black lists.

"They were the ones who made up the story of paramilitary formations and we were forced to dismantle that lie for a whole year. But there is the responsibility of the Serbs who were there. How can it be that Prilepin /Russian writer Zakhar/ was put on the list of persons banned from entering BiH, how can it be that some of the Serbs who saw the list did not react at all?” asked Dodik.

He recalled that the entity competence regarding intelligence activities was seized from the entities and transferred to the State level.

"We saw that the service was serving AID and that it worked against Republika Srpska. We have the right to protect the constitutional order of Republika Srpska and that’s what we’ll do,” said Dodik.

He stated that anyone who undermined the constitutional order of Republika Srpska would be monitored and that measures would be taken against them like in any other state. /end/ds