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SARAJEVO, December 5 /SRNA/ - The Russian side has not joined the communiqué after a meeting of political directors of the Peace Implementation Council /PIC/ member states held in Sarajevo as it does not accept a tendentious assessment of the situation in BiH, the Embassy of the Russian Federation in BiH has announced this evening.


"We basically do not share a series of tendentious, biased, and looked back assessments of the BiH situation in the document, which includes characteristics in relation to the general elections held, prospects and conditions for their implementation, and the formation of government," the statement reads.

The Russian Embassy emphasizes that even the messages related to the Presidency of BiH are not acceptable, because they are at the margin of disrespect for this institution and are contrary to Dayton principles.

"The international community should refrain from tutoring and reading lessons and should only give professional recommendations. We emphasize Russia's commitment to the Dayton Peace Agreement and its fundamental principles of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of BiH, the equality of three constituent peoples and two entities with broad constitutional powers", statement emphasizes.

The Russian Embassy emphasizes that there are no alternatives to understanding and dialogue, mutual respect of the peoples in BiH, and compromise and consensus as the basis for the process of reconciliation, strengthening of peace and stability in the country, social and economic development.

"After general elections, the institutions need to be formed in accordance with established deadlines and their efficiency should be guaranteed and the voters' respected," the statement says.

The Russian Embassy in BiH emphasizes that it supports the Central Election Commission of BiH in its professional approach to the preparation and conduct of voting, the implementation of election results, adding that its work should be independent.

"The need to amend the electoral legislation in accordance with the existing court decisions deserves special attention," the Embassy of the Russian Federation in BiH says. /end/vos