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SARAJEVO, December 5 /SRNA/ - High Representative Valentin Inzko stated today that the central topics of the two-day Peace Implementation Council’s /PIC/ session were general elections in BiH, the implementation of election results and the establishment of power, and noted that the constitution of government in Republika Srpska is much faster than in the Federation of BiH.


Inzko therefore congratulated the authorities in Republika Srpska.

At the press conference that took place after the meeting of political directors of the member states of the PIC Steering Board, he has reiterated the position of this body that, unfortunately, even after the elections, the political situation regarding the implementation of election results again complicates and that "the fundamental change of government" is omitted.

"BiH must make urgent steps to amend the electoral system and restore the integrity of the electoral process," Inzko has noted.

He has stressed that the Russian delegation in the PIC, due to certain disagreements, did not join the joint communiqué this time.

"The Russian Federation remains our active and very serious member in all discussions, and ask the Russian ambassador about the details of disagreements," Inzko has said.

Answering the question of whether he is considering the use of Bonn powers, Inzko has said that the time of Peddy Ashdown had passed and that there was no need for the high representative to impose any solution.

Inzko has said that BiH institutions must be much more responsible for the faster BiH path towards the EU,

According to him, during a two-day meeting, it was noted that political parties failed to reach agreement on delegation of deputies to the House of Peoples of the FBiH.

"Without the agreed formula for delegating deputies to the FBiH House of Peoples, the formation of government in the FBiH will be slowed down. However, based on the previous practice, the constitution of the Council of Ministers could also be delayed due to the difficulty of forming the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH," said Inzko.

He has warned that numerous problems arising from the establishment of authorities at the FBiH, as well as the bodies at the BiH level, including the suspension of budget payments, will affect all segments of the society, and this all, as he said, calls for urgent resolution of this problem.

Inzko has added that the PIC has defined several priorities for the new authorities in BiH, including the completion of the European Commission's Questionnaire, the fight against corruption, socio-economic results, strengthening the business environment and improving public services.

He has said neither the PIC nor the OHR gave any deadlines for the establishment of the House of Peoples in the FBiH Parliament.

Responding to questions asked by journalists regarding the fact that BiH Presidency Chairman Milorad Dodik today walked out of the meeting with a Peace Implementation Council delegation, Inzko confirmed that Dodik had left the meeting, but only after he, as he said, cordially shook hands and greeted with all the participants of the meeting, with about 30 of them, including the US delegation.

"After handing over a meeting to the BiH Presidency member Zeljko Komsic, Dodik left the conference hall where the flag of Republika Srpska was not displayed, which was his explicit request," Inzko has said.

Inzko believes that the BiH Flag Act is simple and precisely prescribes the use of the BiH flag, but also states that this law can be amended.

The high representative believes that the activation of the MAP for BiH is a very important issue, and that Brussels should quickly provide BiH with a candidate status because BiH is "in the waiting room for the EU and NATO", and the membership in these organisations brings foreign investment and the rule of law.

Inzko has reiterated that the OHR does not leave BiH unless the well-known "five plus two conditions" are met and BiH receives a positive assessment on political situation in the country from the international community.

Principal Deputy High Representative Dennis Hearne has said that PIC members encouraged political and institutional leaders in BiH to engage in constructive dialogue for compromise without further delay in order to enable the timely formation of functional legislative and executive powers.

"The PIC Steering Board called on these institutions to refrain from blocking and obstruction of election results," Hearne has said.

According to him, the PIC's clear request is that political and institutional leaders in BiH work in the direction of dialogue and cooperation, without rhetoric that introduces new divisions, and that they work in a manner that is in line with stability and progress.

He has reminded that PIC members officially met with new BiH Presidency members and added that today's meeting was dedicated to new challenges.

"While some have different opinions and perspectives, we also have mutual opinions and goals to work for the benefit of BiH," Hearne has concluded. /end/vos