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BANJALUKA, December 6 /SRNA/ - President of Republika Srpska Zeljka Cvijanovic submitted a list of people proposed for the diplomatic and consular network of Bosnia and Herzegovina during a meeting with BiH Presidency Chair Milorad Dodik on Thursday and emphasised that the persons who will protect Srpska’s interests in the BiH foreign affairs will be chosen and that they will not operate to the detriment of others.


"It is important to choose the people who will protect Republika Srpska’s interests in the BiH foreign affairs but not to the detriment of others in BiH,” Cvijanovic told a press conference in Banjaluka after the meeting.

Cvijanovic noted that all Serbs will be withdrawn from 16 BiH diplomatic and consular offices and embassies in the near future, including from Japan, Bulgaria, Israel, Switzerland, Canada, Greece, Romania, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, OSCE, Frankfurt, and Istanbul, whereupon the new personnel who will also represent the interests of Republika Srpska will be appointed.

She expects a new appointment for Macedonia as well.

The Srpska president emphasised that it would be another point on the BiH Presidency agenda.

After the meeting, she said the intention was to return certain things into the framework of constitutional procedures and express the interests of Republika Srpska through BiH’s foreign affairs.

At the meeting, the officials agreed to introduce a new dimension in the foreign affairs of institutions, to select new people who will perform important tasks abroad on behalf of everyone in BiH.

She pointed out that citizens of Republika Srpska were hoping their interests would be expressed in BiH’s foreign affairs, which could not be seen in the past.

"We are making sure our interests are presented in compliance with our needs,” said Cvijanovic. /end/ds