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BANJALUKA, December 6 /SRNA/ - BiH Presidency Chair Milorad Dodik stated Thursday the Serb personnel from 16 BiH embassies and diplomatic and consular offices will be withdrawn immediately and removed from office at the next meeting of the BiH Presidency.


Dodik stated that at the BiH State level he advocates interests of Republika Srpska, in which he was elected.

"The basis for creating the policies of Republika Srpska at the BiH level should be sought in Srpska, because our interests must be represented and Republika Srpska must be visible," Dodik told the press in Banjaluka after a meeting with Srpska President Zeljka Cvijanovic.

He noted that the personnel who were going to be withdrawn had not worked well nor had they consulted Republika Srpska about a single issue.

"Other people will be appointed instead. In some countries the good relations we had had were ‘destroyed’, including Israel. The political connotation of Republika Srpska in Israel was negative in that very important country. The time has come for us to say what we think of those policies and we will demonstrate it at the BiH Presidency meeting next week,” said Dodik.

He pointed out that Republika Srpska needed coordination and harmonisation of views that will be advocated in the joint BiH institutions.

"The BiH Constitution stipulates that BiH is made up of two entities from which derives my constitutional, legal and political obligation to demand the creation of views and policies pursued at the State level in the institutions of Republika Srpska, which I will work towards in every issue important for us,” added Dodik.

He recalled that the BiH Presidency was competent for the country’s foreign affairs.

"I am willing to acknowledge the proposals on foreign policy coming from Republika Srpska. It was impossible to coordinate activities with Serb representatives in the joint institutions before because the interests of Srpska were lost and that is going to change. My primary stance will be the stance from Republika Srpska," said Dodik.

He said he was glad that Serb officials will hold a meeting about NATO, which will be called by the president of Republika Srpska to confirm the commitment to the National Assembly resolution on military neutrality.

"Our position is neutral and that must be respected. The story that something about NATO was finished was dismantled yesterday as you saw the Alliance secretary general say they were waiting for BiH’s decisions. It is legitimate for Republika Srpska to have its stance which is well-known. I understand it is not in the interest of political representatives of the other two peoples, and I respect that,” added Dodik and recalled that NATO had had a negative attitude to the Serbs.

He notes that Srpska has an authentic political stance about NATO which is not motivated by any kind of coordination at any level and that everyone in Srpska agrees about this.

"The time of imposition has past and the time for agreement has arrived. If anyone wants to make agreements, we’re fine with taht. Republika Srpska is ready. Our arguments about NATO are very clear and BiH is better off pursuing the policy of neutrality, which is a responsible approach,” said Dodik.

The BiH Presidency Chair reiterated that Republika Srpska did not demand more than what was guaranteed by the Constitution.

"The practices imposed by high representatives, and yesterday you saw Valentin Inzko saying the time of imposition was gone, have left many awkward solutions in BiH which have to be re-examined within the internal political forces. That is an opportunity for Srpska to restore its position at the level of joint institutions,” said Dodik. /end/ds