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SYDNEY, December 7 /SRNA/ - Roman Ljeljak, an Ustasha apologist and historical revisionist who claims the Ustasha concentration camp Jasenovac is “just a myth” has been banned from Australia.


He was on an airplane that landed at an airport in Sydney where the security took him into custody and questioned him for five hours.

Ljeljak was taken to an airport hotel and confirmed for the Croatian right-wing media he was returning home on the next flight.

Together with another Ustasha apologist Igor Vukic, he was supposed to promote the film and book “Myth about Jasenovac” in Australia’s four big cities - Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Perth.

Ljeljak revises history, negates the Ustasha genocide against Serb, Jews and Roma and claims the crimes were committed by partisans, not Ustashas.

Right-wing media claim “someone reported” Ljeljak and sent the Australian authorities copies of newspaper articles “falsely incriminating” the revisionist.

More and more countries are closing the doors to apologists of the Ustasha movement - the controversial singer Marko Perkovic Thompson has long been banned from performing anywhere outside Croatia /except in the Croat parts of the Federation of BiH/, and now the same thing is increasingly happening to quasi-historians funded by the Croatian right. /end/ds