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SRNA News Roundup /II/ - December 7, 2018




BANJALUKA - President of Republika Srpska Zeljka Cvijanovic will attend the event Red and Blue Evening of Borac in Banjaluka on Friday.

BANJALUKA - National Assembly Speaker Nedeljko Cubrilovic pointed out in a meeting with a delegation of the First Children’s Embassy in the World Megjashi that children and young people are the future and greatest potential of Republika Srpska.

BANJALUKA - Minister of Labour and Veterans’ Affairs Milenko Savanovic will attend an unveiling of a monument to Serb WWI volunteers in Samac on Sunday, December 9.

BANJALUKA - Assistant Minister of Culture Tanja Djakovic qualified the performance of the Museum of Republika Srpska this year as very successful and pointed out that the process of digitisation is one of the priorities in 2019 in order to protect the heritage kept by the institution.

BANJALUKA - The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republika Srpska will keep providing maximum assistance to the BiH Border Police in protecting the borders from illegal crossings and preventing the entry of illegal migrants. The Ministry detected 4,426 such migrants this year, mostly in the Bijeljina area, reports the institution.

BANJALUKA - Great improvements were made in Republika Srpska in developing foster-parenting - since 2012 the number of foster families grew to 177 with 250 children, said Assistant Minister of Health and Social Welfare Pavle Paunic.

BIJELJINA - Head of the Aleksa Santic Accordion Orchestra from Ugljevik Slavko Nikolic says it is a great honour for him and his orchestra to take part in the humanitarian campaign “Love to Brave Hearts" organised by the President of Republika Srpska Zeljka Cvijanovic.

BANJALUKA - Republika Srpska and Serbia have excellent cooperation clearly defined by bilateral agreements and should have it at the local level too, which is initiated by Banjaluka and Belgrade today, representatives of the two cities and Srpska and Serbia’s chambers of commerce pointed out at a business forum in Banjaluka.

SAMAC - Paving of three roads in Samac in which the Government of Republika Srpska invested BAM200,000 KM and the Samac municipality BAM9,000 has finished.

LOPARE - Ten kilometres of roads were paved in Lopare this year for which the municipality allocated BAM400,000 KM, Mayor Rado Savic told Srna.

BANJALUKA - The Banjaluka medical institution Mediko-S signed an agreement on granting a scholarship to 15-year-old Sanja Vucic, the first IVF baby in Republika Srpska whose birth was assisted by the clinic headed by physician Sanja Sibincic.


SARAJEVO - The BiH Central Election Commission defined the election results for the BiH House of Peoples from Republika Srpska and the Council of Peoples of Republika Srpska on Friday.

SARAJEVO - BiH Minister of Defence Marina Pendes says demands by certain political parties for a referendum on joining NATO is a constitutional and legal right and that numerous countries had one in the past.

KALINOVIK - Mayor of Kalinovik Mileva Komlenovic told Srna he does not expected anything good or fair from the BiH Court and Prosecutor’s Office and that his fellow residents are not surprised by the BiH Court decision not to remand Ramiz Drekovic in custody. Drekovic was a general of the so-called Army of BiH and is suspected for war crimes against civilians in Kalinovik committed in 1995.


BELGRADE - Serbia produced around 10,000 tonnes of honey this year, 3,000 tonnes more than in 2017.


BELGRADE - Head of the Union of Serbs from the region Miodrag Linta stated Friday the arrest of five Serbs in Vukovar on suspicion of war crimes further produces fear and abuses the Serbs and that the intention is to have as many of them move out of Croatia as possible.


HAMBURG - German Chancellor Angela Merkel has celebrated her 18 years at the helm of Germany's main centre-right party, Christian Democratic Union, in her final speech as leader, urging members to show unity as it opens a new chapter. /end/ds