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SARAJEVO, January 11 /SRNA/ - Security expert Dzevad Galijasevic told SRNA that parajemats in BiH are stronger nowadays than before and that they still mobilize people because there are no measures of either religious or state institutions that would show the intention to abolish these parallel jemats.


"Parajemats serve to conceal the returnees from the Syrian war zone. It is obvious that the head of the Islamic Community in BiH, Husein Kavazovic, did not intend to abolish prajemats, but only strive to place the property of these parallel jemats under the control of the Islamic Community," says Galijasevic.

He believes that Kavazovic's aspiration was only to place the funds of parajemats, the so-called vakufs, under control, and that Rijaset elects religious officials to serve in parajemats.

According to him, imams cannot solve this complex security issue, which is put on hold, as long as there is current security establishment in Sarajevo, and while Osman Mehmedagic Osmica is the head of the Intelligence and Security Agency and Dragan Mektic heads the Ministry of Security.

"There was no intention of seriously treating this issue. Reis also appointed Nusret Avdibegovic as the head of Banjaluka Mesihat, although he had welcomed the first mujahedin in BiH, Sheikh Abdel Aziz Barbarossa during the war. This says that Sarajevo has not given up radical options, that Sarajevo is anti-European little town full of hatred and that Republika Srpska will have particularly difficult political battles in the coming period," said Galijasevic.

He has added that according to the report of the Islamic community in BiH, there are still 21 parallel jemats that have not been put into the system.

"Jemat is a religious empty phrase that means nothing. However, if we are talking about settlements and some illegal religious buildings, we are talking about at least 100 settlements with illegal and unreported religious buildings with a community of radical believers," Galijasevic has said.

Although Kavazovic had given March 1, 2016 as the deadline to the Wahhabis in 64 parajemats to integrate into the Islamic Community, this has never happened.

SRNA also owns a photograph with Kavazovic in the company of one of the most wanted world terrorists, Nusret Imamovic, in the Wahhabi community of Gornja Maoca at the time when Kavazovic was the chief mufti in Srebrenik, the municipality covering Gornja Maoca. /end/vos