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BANJALUKA, January 11 /SRNA/ - BiH Presidency Chairman Milorad Dodik has said he will advocate for improving the status of Serb members of the BiH Armed Forces as there is no a Serb holding one of five most important positions in these forces and the BiH Ministry of Defence, which must be changed.


"With such structure of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Serb people does not feel safe. We will fight for our rights under the Dayton Peace Agreement," Dodik has said at the Christmas reception at the Kozara Barracks, organized by the Sixth Infantry Brigade Command with commands and units of the BiH Armed Forces.

He has estimated that this regiment successfully represents the Serb people in the Armed Forces of BiH.

"However, we are not satisfied with the position of our people in BiH, because in many things we have been disadvantaged," Dodik has said.

He has stressed that he will fight for a better status of this regiment in the Armed Forces of BiH.

"We must be persistent in our demands to have what belongs to us visible and better emphasized. After the abolition of the Republika Srpska Army, the time has come for us to perceive everything, i.e. to see if our people perceive this force as its own, although with such structure, I am sure, the Serb people does not he feels safe, "Dodik has said and reiterated that Republika Srpska wants and advocates partnership and peace with everyone.

He has stressed that he wants to build security and freedom for everyone, and that every political decision will go in that direction.

Dodik has reiterated that Srpska will continue to celebrate January 9, as well as all its holidays, regardless of anyone.

"There was no hatred expressed by us at the Republika Srpska Day, but it was unfortunately expressed against us, which speaks enough about everything," Dodik has said and expressed satisfaction that the Serb people celebrates holidays and significant dates without intending to harm anyone. /end/vos