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BANJALUKA, January 11 /SRNA/ - Chair of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency Milorad Dodik stated Friday in Banjaluka the formation of the Council of Ministers is obstructed and that the BiH Presidency broke the law related to the matter because the Bosniaks think they can break the regulations.


"The law has been broken because the chair of the Council of Ministers was supposed to be proposed 15 days after the formation of the Advisory Board of the House of Representatives. I had consultations with all political parties and suggested a meeting of the Presidency where we would state the name of the candidate. I had an impression that Zoran Tegeltija would not be disputed. However, the Bosniaks think they can break the law as they please,” Dodik told the press.

He sees no reason why the BiH Presidency should hold a meeting on any other issue until this one is resolved.

"Once the other two members of the Presidency notify my they are ready for a decision, I will be ready for the meeting. Until then, there is no need for one,” said Dodik.

Speaking about appointments of BiH ambassadors, Dodik said it was the Presidency that appointed and removed them.

"We do not interfere in each other’s moves within the Presidency regarding such decisions. We believe that the Serb quota belongs to the Serb member of the BiH Presidency, and that the other two members should only support it formally, and vice-versa,” said Dodik. /end/ds