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ISTOCNO SARAJEVO, January 11 /SRNA/ - Chair of the SNSD Caucus in House of Representatives of BiH Parliament, Stasa Kosarac, said today that the January 9 parade is not a provocative march aimed at destabilizing the region, as the prime minister of the self-declared Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj claims, but a festive parade witnessing the attitude towards the freedom of the Serb people and Republika Srpska.


"The parade did not aim to the destabilization of region, as Haradinaj says, but what has certainly destabilized the region are the Haradinaj government's decision to impose 100 percent customs duties on goods from central Serbia and BiH, and, contrary to all UN resolutions, to establish the armed forces of the self-declared Kosovo," he has said.

He has pointed out that there is nothing provocative in the song sang by the Republika Srpska police member during parade over the Republika Srpska Day in Banjaluka, and in particular it does not call for war and genocide, as Haradinaj claims.

"It should be noted that Haradinaj is one of the American political crawler, who obviously pratices certain policies," said Kosarac, adding that Haradinaj is a criminal who, as any criminal, fears the police.

Kosrac has assessed that a ceremonial and dignified parade dedicated to the freedom of the Serb people was held in Banjaluka, and pointed out that the song "Hriste Boze" which was heard clearly shows the Serb tradition and the nearly ten-century- long presence of Serbs in Kosovo.

According to him, this song has never called for war and genocide, as Haradinaj claims.

He has added that, knowing the mental and political structure of Haradinaj, it is quite clear that he is once again trying to come down on the interests of the Serb people.

"Republika Srpska is a democratic state that is internationally recognised through the Dayton Peace Agreement and whose goal is to preserve the values of the Serb people and promote the values of Serb tradition, respecting all other nations.

We do not have any negative attitude towards the Bosniaks or the Croats because Srpska is not only a democratic state, but a place for all people who want to respect the Law and the Constitution of Republika Srpska," Kosarac has said.

Prime Minister of the self-declared Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, has called out the EU for failing to react over, as he claims, the new provocation of Belgrade this time through his "satellite", Republika Srpska, where songs calling for "revenge and conquest of Kosovo" were sung during the marking of the Republika Srpska Day, report the RTS.

"While the EU uses all means to exert pressure on Kosovo to lift a legitimate and legal measure of introducing custom fees, used by all developed countries, such as the United States, France, Canada ..., it remains silent over the scenes /in Banjaluka / that call for war and genocide," Haradinaj wrote on his Facebook profile. /end/vos